A Victorian Christmas

The Christmas festivities have begun – my family and I travelled to my husband’s aunt and uncle’s home yesterday for our annual family Christmas get-together.  I just have to share a little of my aunt and uncle’s historic home.

DSC 3040 A Victorian Christmas


They have lived in this lovely Victorian home for the last 20 years, and it has been a popular Bed and Breakfast for several of those years.  It even has it’s own fancy name:  Academy Place – named for the girl’s school it used to house a century ago.

DSC 3037 A Victorian Christmas  


One of my favorite things about this home is the amazing fireplaces in many of its rooms.

DSC 3015 A Victorian Christmas



A hundred years ago, having a fireplace in practically every room was a necessity.

DSC 3032 A Victorian Christmas



This home has 8 fireplaces, and every one is distinctly different.

DSC 3026 A Victorian Christmas



Wouldn’t you love to spend the night in a cozy room like this one?  It really feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

DSC 3014 A Victorian Christmas


Or dine in a grand Victorian dining room like this one, served a homemade meal by my most gracious Aunt Faye?

DSC 4074 A Victorian Christmas


This lovely home in actually going on the market in a few months – it’s time to move on and pass this historical home onto another family with a passion for the past.

DSC 3020 A Victorian Christmas


A while back, my aunt and uncle asked me to help them get the house ready to sell.   I chose new paint colors for many of the rooms of the home and will be staging it in a couple of months.   Once the house is staged, I’ll be sharing some advice for freshening up a historic or period home.  The best home stagers know that marketing a historic home is a whole different animal than staging a standard tract home.  It’s all about the balance between maintaining the integrity of the home’s history and not turning off younger buyers with taste-specific colors, busy wallpaper, and collectibles that may read as clutter.

DSC 3034 A Victorian Christmas



Have you ever dreamed of having your own Bed and Breakfast?

DSC 3046 A Victorian Christmas


I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll be dreaming about tonight . . .










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  1. What a beautiful home. It will be sad when its no longer in the family.

  2. Well, enjoy the memories you make this Christmas! I’m sure it’s a lot of home for an older couple to manage. Merry Christmas!

  3. It’s beautiful! Oh how I love the charm of old homes. In my single days, I lived in Center City Philadelphia for about a year or so. I had a (non-working) fireplace in my bedroom and thought it was the coolest thing. But you’re right that these fireplaces were a necessity for people to stay warm. I’ll be interested to read your tips and advice for staging this home. That last photo with the Christmas tree I think captures the charm of the home but also shows quite and updated look.

  4. Your Aunts’ house is just beautiful! I would love to have just one fireplace in my home :-( And yes…I have always wanted and dreamed about owning a bed and breakfast! Maybe one day… XoXo

  5. I loved the house’s giant clawfoot tubs!!! :)

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