Blue Velvet, Baby!

I love glamorous interiors.  And what’s more glamorous than blue velvet?  There are lots of sumptuous options if you like the blue velvet trend. 

I don’t watch Mad Men (not yet, anyway), but I swooned when I saw this blue velvet headboard in one of the character’s bedrooms.   A headboard like that would get any girl in the mood.

Here’s another blue velvet headboard.   The designer of this retro-inspired bedroom mixed peacock, turquoise, and gray-blue.  Hmm.  And then he forgot to remove the sage green shams from the prior bedding.   And did he forget the bedspread, too?  That’s rude, but that’s what it looks like to me.  Let’s move on, shall we?

Lush blue velvet drapes look so luxurious – especially in the fall and winter months when lighter fabrics just don’t feel cozy enough.

I love the shape of this velvet chair.  And the tuftedness.

This is Candice Olsen’s take on the blue velvet chair.

I love the blue-green vintage daybed and classic Gustavian lines of the sofa below.  LOVE!

And blue velvet goes modern!

Too much blue velvet for you?  How about a little pop of blue velvet in the form of an accent pillow?

This is one of my favorite sofa images ever.  I love the peacock blue and avocado together.  Here’s my dilemma:  as much as I love the look of a velvet sofa, I cannot – and I mean cannot – bear to touch it.  I have a terrible tactile sensitivity when it comes to velvet.   Like nails down a chalkboard.  But that doesn’t keep me from admiring it.  But it’s gonna have to be in someone else’s house. :(

Photo Credits:  Traditional Home (1,5,6), Shelter Pop, Left Coast Luxe, CocoCozy, Ecab, Sally By the Sea.


  1. kristie, i thought of you every single time i saw that headboard on *mad men*! i thought you might like it. :) (but then my thoughts would quickly move on to don draper…)

  2. when I was six years old I had a deep blue velvet dress with a white ruffled lace jabot/collar. It was so beautiful and soft and I still remember the joy it brought to wear it – especially with lacy white tights and black patent shoes. :) I’d love to have a little throw pillow made from that dress, I wonder where it is?…

  3. Karina Aguon says:

    I love the “blue velvet goes modern”. What a great room.

  4. wow — gorgeous stuff!

  5. Where can I find more info on the blue chaise?

  6. Anyone know where I can purchase that blue velvet headboard outta Mad Men?

  7. Kristie – the turquoise chaise in top photo is exactly what I’ve been seeking…tirelessly…online. Where can I find it? Immense thanks!

  8. Meijsha says:

    Kristie! Are you able to tell me what websites you got the images of the blue velvet chairs and blue velvet drapes from? Especially the tufted blue velvet chair. I’d like to purchase it for a client, thanks, Meijsha.

  9. Where can i find the peacock blue sofa?


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  2. […] This is a really pretty sofa. I like the mix of the peacock blue and the avocado green combo together. The white trim and blue velvet really pop! Ok this one I don’t have any info on and not quit sure if it’s for sale or not. I just found it on the blog The Decorologist. […]

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