Meaningful Art – Restaurant Menu Collection

I hope you enjoyed the dining room to living room transformation I shared at the end of last week.  What I didn’t show you is the “new” dining area.  What I wanted to share today is the art grouping I made with the menus the couple have been collecting throughout their relationship.

restaurant menu collection

restaurant menus

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“A Friend is Someone Who Likes You” – Joan Walsh Anglund

I’m guessing many of you know who Joan Walsh Anglund is, but if you don’t, maybe you will recognize her iconic art.

joan walsh anglund art

I began collecting Joan Walsh Anglund books, art, and paper products when my daughters were young.  There’s something so innocent and nostalgic about the instantly recognizable illustrations that made Joan Walsh Anglund a favorite of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, and Queen Elizabeth II, just to name a few.  Joan has authored over 100 books and is 88 years young.

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How to Take “Country” and Make It “Arty”

As promised, I’m sharing another before and after from the Nashville home featured Monday.  

primitive table

The Decorologist

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3 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Today I’m sharing three simple bedroom decorating ideas for your home. You’ll see how I used these tips when decorating a teenage boy’s room, but they are applicable for any bedroom or guest room.

decorating bedrooms  

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Amazing Grace and Design

Earlier this week, I got to revisit a client’s home from last summer. She needed help installing some art that she had recently commissioned from a vendor/artist at the Nashville Flea Market, which turned out really beautiful. The artist wrote on three pieces of reclaimed and painted barn wood, and the pieces needed to be hung together as a series.

rustic entry design

ombre staircase and inspirational art

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Creating a Meaningful Home

Today I am guest blogging for Jenna Burger over at SAS Interiors, one of my FAVORITE design blogs.   Jenna has been running a summer blog series about creating a meaningful home – which means different things to different people, right?  I think we can all agree that each of us wants a special place to come home to, some place that feels personal and JUST RIGHT.  I must admit I develop a little crush on every room I am invited to design, but I am always most ardent for my own abode.

  red front door

Come on in, why don’t cha?

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Don’t Wear High Heels to the Flea Market

I have a couple of girlfriends who grabbed me at church on Sunday and said, “We’re going to the flea market.  Let’s go!”  So off we went, high heels and all.  I haven’t been to the Nashville Flea Market in what seems like a bazillion years, which is sad given how much I love this kind of thing!  I fell in lala-love with this vintage patio lounger, but it had a rip and cost $145.  

vintage patio furniture

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