The Decorologist’s Top 10 Favorite Finds for January on EBTH

Everything But the House (EBTH), the revolutionary online estate sale and consignment sale company, is one of my favorite places to shop for unique vintage items, all from the comfort of home!  Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Favorite Finds for January.  These items are from auctions in Cincinatti, Columbus, and Lexington.  EBTH recently announced that they are entering eight new markets in 2015: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, the Gulf Coast of Florida, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.  Check the website for details about pick-up and shipping options. These auctions end this week, so don’t delay in bidding if you are interested in any of these items!

I’m always looking for unique bookends to use when styling bookcases for my clients.  These owls would be PERFECT:

Screenshot 2015-01-11 16.03.24

find this pair of owl bookends here

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How to Bring Downton Abbey into Your Home

About 500 bazillion people watched the recent season premiere of Downton Abbey, and I bet a few of you would like to know how you can bring a little Downton Abbey vibe into your own humble abode.  In the words of Mr. Carson, “If you are tired of style, you are tired of life.”  You may not live in a castle or manor, but these tips will bring you just a little closer to living the life!


1.  Paint it Gold

Add metallic gold paint to detail chairs or furnishings, or simply spray paint with metallic gold paint. Instant glamour!

gold painted furniture


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Sometimes the Dreams That Come True Are the Dreams Your Never Even Knew You Had

Now that the Christmas season is behind us, the dawn of a brand new year has come, which means new goals and dreams for our future.  What are the dreams of your future?

home stager dreams via 

Ten years ago, I dreamed of spending my time doing something I truly loved.  Something I was passionate about.  That all started with a love of homes. A love of houses, real estate, interiors, renovation, paint colors – all those things and more.  But I had two degrees in the field of psychology.  What on earth was I doing dreaming about the places where we live, and how to make them everything we desired – a place of comfort, a place of peace, a place of solace and respite?




So I jumped on the crazy train and threw off the chains of my schooling and decided to pursue my passion for Home Staging.  I never could have dreamed where that train would take me. A few weeks ago, I found out that I won two national home staging industry awards.  The first one is for Top 10 Home Stager of the Year:


home stager of the year award



The second one is for Top Ten Redesigner of the Year:

home staging redesign award


And to top it off, I was honored at being elected a Regional Vice President of the Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA). When I told Mr. Man and the kids, they immediately said, “You mean assistant to the Regional Manager!”  If you never watched The Office, you may not get the reference, but they thought it was HILARIOUS.

Anyway, I’m thrilled by all of this good news and thrilled to offer you the chance to pursue YOUR dream of a career in home staging and design – even if that’s not what you intended 20 years ago.  Guess what?  DREAMS CHANGE.  And that’s totally OK.




I have four just TWO spots left for my January 29-31 course, where you can become certified as an Expert Psychological Stager™.  I believe there are four people who are DESTINED to chart a course that will change their life – I’m not sure who of you will have the courage and the drive to make the change, but I can’t wait to meet you in January!!!  Don’t let your dreams just be dreams – sign up today:


Trendspotting at Kings Chapel Parade of Homes

Decorating my Make-A-Wish Christmas tree last week afforded me to unique chance to tour the designer homes on the Kings Chapel Parade of Homes before anyone else!  There were plenty of design trends that I noticed throughout the beautiful homes.

decorologist trendspotting

trendspotting by The Decorologist, Kristie Barnett

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Black Friday with The Decorologist

The shopping season has officially begun, and you are probably primarily responsible for gift shopping in your home. Hey, maybe you should make a list of things YOU might like to receive for yourself this year! Here’s a list of some of my favorite bargains for the home that you may want to pass along to those asking what YOU want for Christmas:

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I Will Never Settle for Fluorescent Light Bulbs Again

I have never been able to abide fluorescent light bulbs and the horrible flickery blue light they emit.  I unequivocally hate them, mainly because I specify paint colors every day.  Fluorescents can ruin your perfect wall color – it’s that simple.  And now there’s simply no reason to settle anymore.


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Why I’m in the Top 1% of America

I’m sorry, but it’s true.  I am in a much better place than at least 99% of you right now.

2014-11-16 14.53.07


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