What’s Black, White, Gold and Green All Over? My Bathroom Remodel!

Despite more than a few hurdles, our upstairs bathroom renovation is moving along. It’s being carved out of a small space that includes a dormer window on the front of the house. This is where we started:




Wondering where the shower is?  No shower. Wondering where the toilet is?  This room was so tiny, the toilet was in the room down the hall.  I am not even joking.  We had to move the wall out ten inches into the hallway and punch a hole through a couple of walls in both directions to make room for a shower and a toilet.


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How to Make Your TV Blend In Over the Fireplace

One of the trickiest issues in decorating living rooms is that dark beast of a television.  Although I prefer to plant the television in a bookcase or a less focal wall, many people decide to hang theirs above the fireplace.  If you have white trim on the fireplace wall, this can make that TV black hole even more obvious.

bookcase styling

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The End of the Formal Dining Room

Holiday gatherings are approaching quickly, and it’s time to say goodbye to the traditional dining room.  It’s time to close the doors on the gloomy, twice-a-year, precious surfaces, traditional dining room of yore.

dining room design

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Psychological Staging in Action – Home Staging Befores and Afters

You may remember this dining room I posted about a few weeks back:

navy blue dining room

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The Decorologist on Color Placement – It’s More Important Than You Think

I just staged a property to sell in a high-end suburb of Nashville.  The realtor who hired me sent some preview photos last week, asking what color the dining room should be painted.

DSC_2362 before

Let me put you in my shoes – what might you do to make the biggest impact (for the least amount of money) in showcasing this dining room? What kind of impression would you want to make on homebuyers?

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I Go Kicking and Screaming – Eclectically Fall Home Tour

Hello, and welcome to those of you coming from The Space Between blog

In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I am NOT a fall kind of girl.  When the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, I begin to get a bit SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Please tell me I’m not alone???  When Kelly Elko of Eclectically Vintage asked me to participate in her 2014 Fall Home Tour, I was hesitant. Click here for the tour of Kelly’s home, then read on below for mine.

eclectically vintage fall home tour


I love summer – oh, how I love summer.  And you’ll never here me complaining about the heat. BRING IT.  But the cold?  It’s just really hard on me.  Cold weather just makes me want to curl up under a blanket and get absolutely nothing done.  It makes it hard for me to produce, and I’m the kind of girl who likes to produce, work, achieve – you get the picture.

Oh yeah, and I also hate football.  So there’s really nothing for me in the fall.  Dead leaves, bulky clothes, and football.  Yay, team. You won’t see pumpkins, corn stalks, or hay bales in my fall decor.  Instead, I embrace fall by changing a few of my pastels to jewel-tones.  I ramp up the emerald and sapphire and add in a heavier dose of gold to warm things up.  I also add in my collections of woodland animals, because they need to come inside from the cold.  Ok, so here we go with my Fall Home Tour:

fall home tour


This is the “fall” version of my living room:

decorologist living room


I know, it doesn’t feel very fall-ish, but maybe you should see my “summer” version:

pastel living rooms


See?  It’s all relative, isn’t it?  The main things I switch out in the fall are my rugs, pillows, and some lamps and accessories.  I have a prop closet where I have some storage space to cycle out my things and to keep it feeling fresh.

blue sofa


yellow gold sofa


emerald green lamp

Yes, that’s a unicorn with a golden horn on the wall.  Don’t judge.


horse bookends


Among the many things I tend to collect are these vintage trophies.  I never won any as a kid, so these aren’t mine.  But for some weird reason, it makes me happy every time I look at them.

trophies and deer head





This is a chair that I painted with chalk paint last year – not just the wood frame, but also the upholstery.  It’s one of my favorite chairs.

chalk paint chair



My fireplace mantel is an ever-changing vignette of books and collected vintage items.

vintage mantel



vintage books



vintage portraits


I have lots of books, and I stack them here and there – on shelves, mantels, tabletops, and little stools.  All over the place.

turtle shell


This table is in the entry of our home. The pillow on the victorian chair is from World Market’s Woodland Retreat Collection.

world market desert caravan pillow World Market pillow

I love my owl lamp – it was originally brown, but I painted it with chalk paint, too.

owl lamp

I often rotate some art pieces with the season. I like to tuck small art and postcards in the corners of mirrors, like this one.

vintage fall art


I have a mixture of painted and natural wood finishes in my dining room.  Too much dark finished wood looks dreary to me.

dining room


I applied a flamestitch shelf liner in the back of my antique hutch, which really lightened up the interior and makes my dishes more visible.

vintage eclectic dining room


This old tole chandelier once hung in a rental home we have.  Rather than hanging it, I use it as part of my tablescape.



There’s rarely a rhyme or reason in my tablescapes.  I just use what I like and experiment with the interplay of color and texture.

vintage portrait



vintage tablescape


World Market was so kind as to give a $200 gift certificate to all of Eclectically Fall Home Tour bloggers to help us “fall up” our homes.  Did I go for a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Nah. I saw this kelly green desk and lost my mind.  Had to have it.  It’s the perfect desk for my girls to do their homework in their “new’ homeroom den (the room my younger daughter is moving out of into Mr. Man’s former office).  I blew my gift card on that, but it was worth it.

world market emerald green desk

World Market desk

I also bought a couple of pillows – you saw the other one in my entry, and this one sits on the desk chair.  I just love the patterns in World Market’s Woodland Retreat collection.

world market caravan pillow


Thank you visiting my home!  If this is your first time here, I typically blog about interior decorating, paint colors, and home staging and would love to have you visit again or subscribe to my free emails for lots of decorating tips and tricks. Also, we’re currently giving away a Dyson DC59 Motorhead vacuum – it’s lightweight, powerful, and CORDLESS.  Check out this post to enter. Only a few days left in the giveaway!

mannequin head



Make sure you check out the other fabulous fall tours on Eclectically Vintage by clicking the image below!


eclectically vintage fall home tour


Happy Fall, Y’all!!!

Ottoman Makeover – Thinking Outside the Box

My client just downsized into a tony townhouse in Nashville and moved a good deal of the furnishings from her former, much larger home. This ottoman/coffee table was the perfect size for her living room in the previous home.  In the smaller space, it dominated the entire room (and not in a good way).  It is a custom piece, and not inexpensive.  What to do?


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