Guess Who’s Getting a New Sofa?

I'm very excited about the beautiful new sofa I have ordered for my living room, which should be here within a week.  This is the sofa, but it will be in a different fabric/color:

2013-01-08 12.32.59

Tufted sofa from Merridian Home Furnishings


It has a bit of a retro feel, so I think it'll work great in my home.  I also ordered a new rug from Dwell Studio for my living room during a 50% off sale last week.  


dwell studio rug

Of course, this means I will have to move a few things around and possibly part with a few older pieces.  Because there is some kind of history in everything I own, it can be tough for me to part with things.  Even if they don't work anymore.  I know a lot of my clients have that same problem, and I try to help them make decisions about what things are really holding them back.  I think I'm ready for a little purging around here.  Maybe I should have a yard sale this spring. Would you come if I did?

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27 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Getting a New Sofa?

  1. Cindy Gray says:

    I love yard sales!  Probably too much!  I'd come!  I also enjoy Spring Cleaning in a sick sorta way.  Last week I braved the teenagers rooms and got their sheets, comforters, blankets, mattress covers.  One came home earlier than expected and thought he had been vandalized! 🙂

    A new living room couch is a hard decision, because they seem to stay around for a very long time.  That one looks good.  My loungy teenagers wouldn't like the high arms! 🙂  The rug is very nice!

  2. Jean Molesworth Kee says:

    Gorgeous choice, Kristie!

    This caught my eye because of the "angst" I just experienced with a new "purchase". 

    Kids finally out of the fam room… ordered a pricey Mitchell Gold sofa..all the upgrades (nailhead trim, down, expensive fab). Anyway, within one week a glass of Shiraz was "sprayed " down the length of it and the cat has totally claimed the top cushion for her perch. Like it was somehow "doomed" to not maintain its preciousness. Oh well…. the wine came out (WineAway + SpotShot) and my pulse has returned to normal. The cat is another problem   ; )  Scotchguard that baby!


  3. Rhonda says:

    Awww… I would just stash the stuff in the attic!  Never know what the kids might want to take when they spreadt their wings and fly away!  (Been there, done that already!) 

  4. ange says:

    Great couch and rug choices!  I have the opposite problem, I get rid of stuff sometimes too quickly and easily and then I say, I wish I had "xyz" and hadn't brought it to Goodwill.  

  5. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Hi  Kristie,  I'm glad to see you getting a new sofa! It will update your (Victorian?) room a bit without arguing with the other furnishings—I'll bet it is more comfortable too! Looking forward to seeing it in context….

  6. jeannie casey says:

    yes my daughter is looking for a sofa for first apartment.

    when she has the deposites and selects one i will call you for appointment to

    help her select what to put in it. she has her first career job for a nonprofit 

    land trust of tn. saving the forrest and land.



  7. Holly says:

    Love that sofa Kristie – how exciting!! I can't WAIT to get a new sofa in the future.  I have a friend/client who has a problem with accepting too many big pieces into her home – I have to tell her no half the time.  But at least you know how to edit your home as hard as it may be to part with some items.

  8. Kristin Long says:

    I am having the 3rd Annual Consignment Furniture Sale at our Barn in Franklin in April (it was also the venue for the Tinsel & Twine Barn Sale last December if anyone happened to shop).  This is the PERFECT opportunity to consign your high end furniture/rugs/light fixtures and accessories!  NO clothes and NO junk!  It is going to be Friday April 12th… yes… only one day and consignors shop the night before.  We had 48 consignors last year and sold over $10,000 worth of great stuff.  A GREAT way to sell/purge the old AND shop to find some incredible steals.  Feel free to email me to get on the mailing list for consigning and/or shopping.  LOVE your blog- Dana Tucker turned me onto it!  [email protected]

  9. Lisa says:

    Love the new couch.  My parents had a similar couch in the 70's.  I took it over and a few years ago gave it away to a very happy college student on Craig's List.  I could kick myself because it was in great shape and just needed to be reupholstered.  Love the rug too!  

  10. online furniture store says:

    Wow, this post is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to tell her.

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