How To Make Valentines From Paint Chip Samples

Although I love to send vintage or vintage-inspired Valentine's Day cards, these I made from paint color sample chips are a lot of fun to make and send!



As a Nashville Color Consultant, I've got stacks of these paint chips on my desk that I have gathered for different client projects.  It's a pity to throw them away, right?  The paint swatches with the holes work great – just glue card stock to the back and stamp in the white spaces that show through.  You can get a million different decorative stamps and ink at Michael's.  I got the idea from Vanessa over at Silly Eagle Books.  This is a great creative craft for kids and grown-ups.


Aren't they cute?  I have more ideas for recycling these paint sample swatches on this Pinterest board, so check it out!

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Valentines From Paint Chip Samples

  1. Mary J. says:

    Cute and clever!

    I've wondered about doing something like that on top of one of those Ikea small side tables.  (You've mentioned how useful the tables are for painting/embellishment.)   I know it would be important to make sure the chips are glued well to the surface and to have sufficient sealer coats applied.  I suppose a piece of glass, cut to size, could be placed on top for added protection.

  2. ~Syl says:

    Sooooooooo sweet!!!!! Love it! Always praying for ways to save $$$ and where the Lord would have us give back!!! Thank you for sponsoring Compassion International-wonderful ministry!!!!!!!!! Happy Valentines!!!!!! XO

  3. Kelly says:

    Such a cute idea Kristie! I have seen really good ideas on Pinterest for paint samples. I would love to make some kind of art project someday with them!

  4. jane-marie bloomberg says:

    This idea totally inspired my daughter and me when we were hunting for supplies for her school Valentine's box.  I got out an old fan deck and she added strips of colors to the sides of her box, using them as a border around the wrapping paper.  With the gradation of color, it made for a great ecclectic look!  And it didn't cost a cent!  Thanks for the ideas! 

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