How to Use IKEA’s LACK Tables – Let Me Count the Ways . . .

I can’t resist a multi-purpose, multi-functional piece of furniture.  Especially when it’s staggeringly CHEAP.  If you don’t know about this amazing slice of design, allow me to introduce you to the LACK side table from IKEA.

LACK side table by IKEA

When I say cheap, I mean CHEAP.  A mere $7.99 per table.  They come in about 5 finishes.  How can you use them?  Let me count the ways . . .

Domino Magazine – Designer David Netto

So inexpensive, you can use one as a craft table for a small child with no worries about mussing it up.

 Pencil Shavings


Although they can go solo, I love them in pairs.  They make a great update for the staid, old coffee table.

The Decorologist

If you have a low bed, they are ideal bedside tables.  Have a piece of glass cut for the tops to make them look more like this higher-end pair:

 Luxor Bedside Tables


And a pair painted your favorite color could be divine at the end of a bed:

image from Domino Magazine


Countless creative folk have transformed the humble LACK table into something more, like this bedroom side table:

Ikea Hackers


You could stack them to create inexpensive bookcases, just make sure you attach them with screws or superglue.  Pattern your bookcases after one created with Crate and Barrel’s Mimic Cubes:

 Crate and Barrel’s Mimic Cubes



Crate and Barrel’s Mimic Cubes


So many ideas, so little time!  What could YOU do with a bunch of IKEA Lack tables?  (Oh, and check out this post about a new product to customize your Lack tables).


  1. LOVE IT! and will do! :)

  2. Hey Kristie…
    I just went to Ikea for the first time. Let me just say I am in love with that store!!! XoXo

  3. I like the idea of the glass on top making great side or bedside tables and the idea of two to make some good-looking but really cheap coffee tables!

  4. I’m LOVING the cube-shelves, the bedside table, and the tables at the foot of the bed! I need to snag some of those soon!!! :)

  5. I bought a version of this lack table with the glass top option that’s also from ikea, and change the lining underneath the glass top using different themes color wraping papers…

    • what a great idea! you could put all kinds of things beneath the glass – wallpaper, fabric, stamps . . . I have some British money that I’d love to slip under a glasstop – the colors are faded pastels and so pretty, and they remind me of my trip to London. thanks for sharing that, joy :)

  6. What a great way to replicate crate and barrels stack cubes!

  7. Hi, Kristie! I love your work! My home is on-the-market, but we’ve had no offers and only a couple of showings. I need a little help, and I wondered about your services. I live outside the Nashville area, but I think a consult would be fine. So sorry to post this message, but I couldn’t get my email connection to work. Thanks!


  8. Cool ideas . . . as usual!

    Warmly, Michelle

  9. Thanks once again Kristie. Love all the ideas you share, and today is right up there. My favorite is the glass on top, and I really liked Joy’s idea to change out the linings. Brilliant! Have a great weekend. :-)

  10. Nothing more fun that to hack an Ikea item!!! The Lack table is about as versatile as they come!

  11. Using these same tables for my gameroom. They look great!

  12. Can they be painted easily? I thought the finish was a little — um…plastic-y? I have a son headed to college soon, so I will surely be at Ikea soon, and will be checking it out!

    • well, at less than $10 a piece, of course they are a little plastic-y! haha. they can be painted (after properly sanding and priming them) – but you would need to put a non-yellowing poly over the top to protect the surface (like mInwax Polycrylic). then you HAVE to let it cure for about 5 days before you set ANYTHING on top.


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