Christmas Gift Wrap Inspiration

unified color palette gift wrap I always plan on wrapping my Christmas gifts so beautifully.  Plan is the operative word.  I don’t always have sufficient inspiration or motivation when it comes right down to it, so I thought it might be good to search out some beautifully simple ideas.  But they had to meet my criteria:  easy and cheap.  Using a unified color palette is the best way to go.  Buy wrapping paper in two or three coordinating colors and/or patterns.  Try to match your colors to your decor in the room where you put your Christmas tree.

I love these examples of recycling all sorts of items you might already have on hand:  children’s artwork, calendar pages, newspaper, school papers, yarn, pipe cleaners, etc homemade gift wrap by martha stewart

color-coded wrapping paper Color-coding giftwrap according to which child (or spouse) is the receiver makes it easier to sort presents on Christmas morning – plus you don’t have to use gift tags!

This lovely giftwrap was created by photocopying fabric.  Fabulous!!!!! photocopied fabric gift wrap by martha stewart

giftwrap with yarn Be creative with yarn and ribbon.  Gifts wrapped in solid colors look special when a little attention is paid to weaving interesting patterns.

Gift wrap just the bases and/or tops of boxes containing food gifts.  Your gift continues to look attractive even after being opened and closed many times. gift wrapped candy boxes by martha stewart

vintage linens for christmas gift wrap Why not use vintage Christmas linens to wrap unusually-shaped items?  Then it’s like two gifts in one.  You can pick up inexpensive sets of napkins and handkerchiefs at yard sales, estate sales, and flea markets.

Pick up Asian newspapers and orgami papers at an international market to create artfully-wrapped presents. japanese gift wrap

homemade monogram gift tags Gather old Christmas cards and cut them into letter shapes to use as gift tags!

Typewritten gift tags in a pretty font are simply lovely. type written gift tags

paper sack gift bags Inexpensive paper bags looks elegant with just a little embellishment, like ribbons and fruit/floral add-ons.

A jumble of baby bows covering the top of this box looks so sweet! bunch of bows

blossoming bow for gift wrap Make these interesting bow blossoms by placing a small bow in the middle of a large one, then clipping all the loops.

This idea just might be my favorite!  Use varied colors of cupcake papers to create some really special bows! cupcake paper bows for wrapping

martha stewart designed by blueprint printout wrapping paper Download this elegant gift wrap created by Blueprint on 11 x 17 inch paper for best results.  Click here.

Happy wrapping!!!


Photo Credits:  Martha Stewart.




  1. Oooh I really love these ideas, I’ve been looking for ways to avoid the usual wrapping paper and preferring reusable options. Though I do keep a couple of old fashioned rolls of wrapping paper on hand — the ones I buy at Goodwill, of course!.

    This year I saved up my Trader Joe coffee cans — they are cardboard so I just took off the labels and they were very easy to paint: white with red swirling stripes to look like a candy cane and a hand made paper bow on top.

    Here is a fun link for making your own bows out of magazine pages, but you could use any beautiful paper you might have — I have made a bunch of these — super-easy!

  2. Thanks for the great recycling idea for gift wrap, Robbie! Love the idea of making your own bows with magazine pages – I have TONS of magazines that I try to recycle in different ways – I will check it out!!

  3. oh, kristie, i’m just like you–every year i think i’m going to get off my rumpus and wrap some beautiful packages. then the reality of having to wrap late at night while the kids are asleep sets in and it never happens. but i just wanted to say that i love these ideas! and since they don’t have to be for christmas, then i will come closer to using them! my favorites are the asian newspapers and the large initials as tags. oh, and the cupcake papers, too–that would be adorable on a baby gift. thanks so much for the inspiration! maybe this year i can manage to get a few beautiful packages out!

  4. My favorite gift to give during Christmas day is a fruit basket with toys and gift certificates. they can really put a smile on someone’s face-‘~

  5. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics and creative ideas on gift wrapping! I love this blog!

  6. Thank you for visiting, Gloria!

  7. Christmas is nearing again gotta prepare some great Christmas Gifts””~

  8. well, there would be a need for more Christmas gifts next month ~

  9. I know this article is a year old, but it’s still inspiring! I LOVE these ideas, and not a single one of them is expensive. I could see kids getting into the act, too, if we’re desperate for an activity. Which we might be, given that winter break starts in about 5 minutes – or it feels like it does! Thanks for this!

  10. These are really fresh ideas. I also like your your site name, also unique! Many good ideas here but do love the cupcake papers in multiples. Rick rack would make a nice trim for those too. The snipped-bows blossom toppers were also wonderful as was the simple brown bag (rather like the little black dress) which one can do soooo much with. Really enjoyed your site. Thank you for sharing. Betty

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  15. I am LOVING all of these! It makes such pretty decoration under the Christmas tree and it is fun to decorate a gift :) You must add these to this list of Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas >


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