The Latest in Rug Trends – Deconstructed

I’ve been noticing a trend in rugs lately.  After a strong showing of defined geometric and animal-hide patterns the last couple of years, the growing trend in rugs is a deconstructed version of those heavily-popular patterns.  Not sure what I mean?  Let me give you some examples.

deconstructed ikat rug

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The Pros and Cons of Ordering Rugs Online

Have you noticed all the great prices on rugs lately that are available online only?  I have ordered four myself over the last year and have been happy with them all – for the most part. One of them had a good-sized flaw, but after waiting months as it was back-ordered, I decided I was ok with it – it was such a great deal, and I certainly didn’t want to wait another three months.  Two of the four were slightly different in coloration than I expected – one was lighter blue than it appeared online and one had a beige background when I thought it would be white.  In spite of these things, the rugs were beautiful and I could not complain because the prices were GREAT. 



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What Size Area Rug Do You Need?

Clients and readers often ask me what size area rug do they need for their space.  Of course, that all depends. Here are some tips to help you determine what size rug is best for your situation.

what size area rug do you need?

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“What size area rug do I need for my living room?”  


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The Truth About Indoor Outdoor Rugs

There was a time when an indoor/outdoor rug was something to be considered ONLY for the outside.  Not so anymore!  There are lots of beautiful options that feel quite nice underfoot and work in many indoor spaces.

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Is Your Area Rug Too Small? No Problem

I find that most clients undersize, rather than oversize their home decor accessories.  What I mean is:  they underestimate the size lamps,  hanging light fixtures, and rugs they need for their space.  I can assure you that a 4×6 is NEVER large enough for anchoring a seating area with a sofa. 

 West Elm Ikat Rug


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