I hope you all spend this day with those you love.  Even though I’ve already decorated the rest of my house for Christmas (I just couldn’t wait any longer!), I kept my table set for Thanksgiving:


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This has been a difficult year for me.  I’m sure it has been for many of you, as well. But I have to believe I’ve gained more than I’ve lost. More truth, more understanding.  And maybe someday soon, I’ll gain a sense of peace that we all long for.  For now, I am thankful for what I have – which is more than enough.

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Happy Thanksgiving, from my home to yours!

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  1. Your table is lovely! May the new year bring you peace and happiness.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I always love to read and see your posts. I am thankful for the loveliness and inspiration you bring into our lives. I particularly love the quote!

  3. Yes, hard year for a lot of us. Worst fall of my sixty years and there were some really tough ones throughout my life. But God always shows His love to us by making something good of the bad so that nothing we endure is ever wasted. That truth has brought comfort this year. Today I join you in your attitude of gratitude and choose to be thankful…regardless of circumstances and the choices others make about their attitude today because it really is enough after all. Since we set today apart to give the Giver thanks, know that I am thankful for you, your blog and all your hard work that must go into providing this sweet distraction from the daily ness of life :-)

  4. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    Kristie, I really like what you did with that little squash and some thumb tacks!
    Thankful that Our Great God is sufficient for ALL things—even making our houses into HOMES—which you do so beautifully! May He continue to use you and all your gifts in joyous ways this coming year!!

  5. Susie Tucker says:

    Kristie: I’m thankful for your help in making my home a lovely and peaceful space that my family can enjoy. Blessings to you over the holidays and in the new year!

  6. I so enjoy reading your blog and have learned much, too. I am sorry to hear you’re in a difficult place, and I truly hope brighter days are ahead for you. It is amazing how much more quickly we relate to one another’s struggles than to the appearance that everything is going well. Thank you for being honest.

  7. Love the table…esp the green glasses! Totally understand where you are coming from and like another poster said “Thank you for being honest.” I have really enjoyed meeting and working with you and look forward to more of your great ideas for our home! See you soon! :)

  8. Your beautiful table has that ‘Kristie’ feel- simply beautiful without being overdone in anyway. So easy to imagine having a lovely dinner there. I, too, thank you for your honesty…you seem so real and human, so free of pretense.

    I wish you healing from the hardness and more wholeness for the experience.

    Nancy Stinson
    White House, TN

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