The Perfect Gift for The Decorologist

I got the coolest gift today – I just had to share!   Isn’t this the coolest sign EVER???

DSC 5981 The Perfect Gift for The Decorologist

My Own Sign!!!


Dana Tucker and her husband have a fabulous painting business called Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes.   Recently, Dana launched her own PR company, called Forest Home Media.   She dropped by my home yesterday and gave me this fun sign she had made especially for me!  It was made by a local artist who uses old license plates to make these personalized signs.

DSC 5978 The Perfect Gift for The Decorologist


After spending  half a day in the emergency room with my daughter the day prior, what a wonderful gift to brighten a crazy week!  Oh, and my daughter’s fine – just a minor freak accident.  I won’t get into the details, but let’s just say she won’t be eating any Pringle’s in the near future.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

pixel The Perfect Gift for The Decorologist


  1. That’s really cool and so sweet of her to get that made for you. Will you put it in your office?

  2. That is a super cool sign~I recognize the “C” to be from my state of Massachusetts!

  3. Wow!!! It is so cool to open up your blog and see the sign I gave you. Thanks for the “thanks”. Sounds like a Seinfeld episode, LOL!!

    You are an amazing talent. We are going to do great things together :)


  4. When I saw that I immediately thought, “DANA!” Such an awesome sign – absolutely love it!

  5. what a great idea! love that!

  6. very very nice!

  7. What a super cute gift, and I’m glad your daughter is ok! Boy… they can really scare us at times, right?! XoXo

  8. What a fab gift! I want one – that says SZInteriors – of course ;-) But don’t you think you should just put it on your car? A whole new way to look at vehicle signage, right? So glad to hear your daughter is ok… now go and have a great weekend!

  9. Wow, that is really cool and unique!

    I love Pringles and my 2.5 y/o loves stealing them from me so I am concerned if it’s anything I’d need to worry about, like his leg getting stuck in the can or something? …

  10. Kristie, that is FABULOUS! I think everyone can find a little something on the sign that seems to speak directly to them…under the first ‘O’ are my initials, ALE :) What an awesome gift – and an awesome friend.

  11. What a sweet friend! It is really cool. I like Sheila’s idea for the car but it would look great in your office too. Very nice!!

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