What 20 Minutes and Some Decorology Can Do

A top Nashville Realtor hired me last week to help get a listing on the market.  She gifted her new client with 2 hours of cut-to-the-chase, get-her-done, down-and-dirty Speed Staging.  


This is Speed Skating, NOT Speed Staging


Speed Staging is a process I created to serve my clients get their homes on the market quickly and affordably.  I work quickly and give lots of specific instructions, so my clients typically get out of my path and chase me around with a notepad and pen as I speed stage their rooms.  I recommended just the right paint colors for several spaces in this home, so I won't show you those rooms yet.  I will show you what we accomplished in 20 minutes flat in this homeowner's bedroom using only what she already had.  Here's the before:


Before Speed Staging 


Remember, I didn't bring in any staging props and nothing new was purchased.  We used things in different ways to get a fresher, up-to-date effect that will appeal to a wide audience when this property goes on the market. FYI, we pulled some pillows from the sofa to give that dated chair a mini-makeover.

speed staging bedroom

Speed Staging Results – 20 Minutes Later!


The changes here weren't huge, but the small changes we made make a huge difference in how this property will show to buyers (and look in MLS photos). Strategic editing is everything. Even opening up the windows made the room feel larger and the wall color more attractive. It goes to show you, it doesn't take a lot of time or money to change the whole feel of a space  Do you have any spare time this weekend? What can YOU do in 20 minutes?


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15 thoughts on “What 20 Minutes and Some Decorology Can Do

  1. ange says:

    Just got back from staging a home and was thinking of you the entire time.  :)  I can just see you whipping around that room like a mini tornado getting it just right.  You are amazing!

  2. Maya @ House Nerd says:

    Kristie that's AWESOME! It looks like a different room. I want to speed stage my house now, and I'm not even selling! But I am getting a new TV cabinet today and I just spent five minutes clearing out stuff from the lounge to make the space for it. It has made me look at the lounge room in a different light – trying to detract myself enough from it (which is always hard for me when I live in a space!) to wonder how I could change this room to make it look its best.

  3. Susanne says:

    Kristie, I need your help desperately!  Amazing transformation. You are my list of Goals to Accomplish. I love your work, as you are already well aware.

  4. Denise Greenway says:

    I am so glad I found you on the web.  I will be needing your help some day (?); it will take me a few years to clean up my house before I can even invite you over to work your miracles!  Love seeing your work and reading your advice.  Thanks.

  5. Kathi says:

    You so deserved to win that major staging award! You have the eye, that special talent that only a few people are gifted with, you can look at any space and see what it was meant to look like! kudos to you!! Another job well done!

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