Exterior Paint Color – Another Thing to Consider

While I typically do exterior paint color consultations in warmer weather, I’ve done more this winter than ever before! Let me just tell you, it’s not exactly fun times doing consultations in the freezing cold. Especially when it’s on a muddy construction site. But I DO love the results, and I’ve got some to share with you today!

exterior paint color consultation


But first, let me give you a glimpse of a few that are currently in the works. Keep in mind, these are all “befores.”


Neo-Tudor style



Colonial Cottage style

2016-01-29 10.11.17

Ranch style

2016-02-11 10.01.21

Farmhouse style


tudor lite

Tudor style

Notice how different the styles of these homes are!

If the home is going to be put on the market, I choose an exterior paint color palette that appeals to the target demographic of the homebuyer.  If the home is not going to be put on the market, I choose an exterior paint color scheme that appeals to the specific homeowner.

The last photo above is a lovely restored Tudor, and the current paint colors are perfectly nice as is. However, the homeowner wants more contrast and drama than what it currently has. I gave her a color scheme that offers that, but still will look appropriate for the style of the home.

Are you ready for an exterior paint color before and after? This is the before of a new build near downtown Franklin, TN, by Kole Custom Home Builders.



The style of this home is Neo-Tudor, and what I call a “Tudor Lite” scheme appeared to be what was needed for the exterior paint colors of this particular home. Here’s how it turned out:


tudor lite exterior paint colors

exterior paint colors by The Decorologist

exterior paint colors half timbering

Kole Custom Home Builders

tudor covered porch


I chose the interior paint colors as well! Here are a few shots of those:

tudor interior paint colors


board and batten paint colors


gray bathroom paint color


While you should obviously take your personal preferences into account when choosing exterior paint colors, you should also carefully consider the style of the home. I recently wrote an article for LP SmartSide about that very thing!

As I’ve been developing exterior paint color palettes for their siding and trim products, they’ve also asked me to help educate the consumer – both contractors and homeowners – through a blog and upcoming video series. Here’s a peek at the progress we’ve been making on LP’s latest marketing piece:

lp smartside lookbook the decorologist


Following positive feedback from remodelers and builders regarding the new 20 exterior color sets, LP SmartSide has asked for me to create an additional 25 in order to provide their consumers the most on-trend yet classic home exterior offerings on the market! They are coming soon, I promise.

Hop over and read my post, How Style & Time Period of a Home Should Influence Exterior Colors on LP SmartSide’s website.

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18 thoughts on “Exterior Paint Color – Another Thing to Consider

  1. Mary CC from CA says:

    How exciting it must be to see your paint choices and vision come to life Krisite ! I am super happy for you that you are getting picked up by these great paint companies !

    Question : Kristie, we have a big problem in CA, in that we have very strict environmental and VOC laws (one of the few good things “Arnold the Terminator” did for us before he left office ). However, it is now taking anywhere between 2-3 coats of paint to cover existing interior and exterior paint because of this (even with tinted primers). While we all need to think of the environment, I hope that the paint companies can come up with a good solution that can save time not to mention money because we have to buy twice as much paint now. Recently, I tried a specific outdoor paint with acrylic in it, which is especially good for entry doors ( because it hardens and sets up faster so that your paint doesn’t stick when you close the door like latex can do) Also, it stands up to the beach moisture, salt and air. Good old fashioned enamel here in CA just doesn’t cover well in one coat and isn’t always practical. Latex paint just doesn’t cut it either. Have you had any experiences with this type of paint problem/environmental issue ?

  2. Linda Knopsnyder says:

    The colors are so beautiful on the exterior and interior on the Neo-Tudor! I wish I could move right in that house. Just gorgeous, Kristie!

  3. Susan says:

    Kristie I love reading your posts. I have a question on exterior paint IMG_1099.JPG I’m sending a pic of a house with 2 paint colors l like. Now here is the beach house I’m buildingIMG_1094.JPG. Does it work?

  4. Casey says:

    I need help with the color of my Tudor- we have a a red/brown/black roof and the brown on the house looks dull and out dated- how can I spruce it up?

  5. Dianne Brown says:

    We are painting our Tudor that has a warm brown roof. If I send you a picture, can you pick colors for me?

  6. Brittney says:

    I stumbled upon this post recently and cannot see where you eventually shared the exterior colors. Are you able to share them?

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