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Christmas with The Decorologist

Today I’m opening my door to give you a tour of my home at Christmas.  I’m not big on traditional Christmas color schemes, so get ready a heavy dose of pink and gold!    

Collecting as Artform – Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon is a San Francisco artist who started a blog in the beginning of 2010 – she has posted a picture for every day of the year of her curated collections at collectionaday2010.blogspot.com.  You know I *heart* hanging eclectic plate groupings (see my post about it here).  Check out Lisa’s artful arrangement. Aren’t her colorful […]

Modern Wall Displays of Collections

I often hear people say they don’t like collections because they consider them to be clutter.  It’s true, many people display their collections in a cluttered, unfocused manner.  But collections give a home personality and soul.   They represent things that are important to the people living in that space.   When they are displayed in a cohesive grouping, […]

Express Yourself

I don’t usually agree with Madonna, but I do believe it is important to express yourself.  Life is for living, and creative expression in your home can be amazingly comforting and fulfilling.  Here are some ideas to spark your creativity: In a modern home, use color sparingly but boldly – like a field of color on one wall to […]