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How to Welcome Your Victorian Furniture into the 21st Century

Since I recently discovered for myself how well chalk paint works on fabric upholstery, I’ve had several more projects churning in my head – this one in particular.  I have this old Victorian ladies’ chair that I’ve had for 20+ years.  It looked a bit like this one:  photo source  Last year when I started […]

The Decorologist Forecasts 2012 Fall Color Trends for Home Decor

For many years fashion has been a step ahead of home decor in regards to trends and colors.  The big trends you see in fashion one year have often trickled down to the home decor market the following year.  Over the last couple of years, the gap has been closing.  Decor is now fast on […]

When Brass is a Good Thing & What You Get From Having a Melt-Down

Most of us are aware that shiny brass fixtures can make a home feel a bit dated.  But those fixtures aren’t real brass – and real brass can add class (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyme).   I found this brass lamp at a yard sale a few weeks ago – it’s made of real brass […]

Ode to Downton Abbey: Table Transformation

I know it’s been a long time coming, but I finally got around to painting my barley twist coffee table in Ralph Lauren’s fabulous Golden Candlesticks metallic paint. Ralph Lauren’s Golden Candlesticks Metallic Paint     Do you remember the “before”?    Coffee Table “Before”     OK, I know it was lovely before, but […]

For the Love of Gilt and Downton Abbey

I bought this interesting coffee table for my living room at an estate sale a few months back for $85.  I’ve been debating over what color to paint the base of it.  I’ve been dying to try out the new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, but couldn’t decide on a color.  Off-white would be too predictable, […]

Going Mad for Gilt

Now, I loved gilt before.  But after my recent trip to London and lots of amazing castle and royalty home tours, I am going mad for gilt!  Gilt is simply a gold or golden color applied over a surface.