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Ceiling Light Dilemmas: How’s It Hanging?

Don’t you wish builders would use a little forethought when they install ceiling light fixtures?  Aargh.  Most builders hang ceiling light fixtures in the dead center of each room.  Is that where they should be hung?  Not always.  source   Just because someone installed the light in the middle of the room doesn’t mean that’s […]

When Bigger is Better

Trend alert!  Oversized lighting is H-O-T.  You’ll see it in all the design/decor magazines.  There is nothing I love more than a good hanging light fixture – it’s an amazing focal point for any room!  So if you make it bigger, you make it better. source   If you are putting in overhead lighting, err […]

Amber Lighting, Shell Chandeliers, and Creative Copying!

Good morning!   A lot of us have trouble creating our own vignettes in our homes.  Sometimes it’s easier to just copy someone else’s.   And there’s NOTHING wrong with that.  But if you don’t have the exact accessories (or the money for those accessories!), think outside the box.  Professionals refer to this as being “inspired” by someone else’s work.  […]