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Online Color Workshop Video from The Decorologist®

Choosing the right paint colors is the first step to making your house a home.

The Decorologist’s color workshop–available online for the first time–will provide you with expertise and insight you can use to make decorating your home easier and more fun. Purchase the entire course and get immediate access to over 100 minutes of content that you can experience at your own pace, on your favorite device, in any order you choose. Repeat individual modules or the entire course as many times as you want! You’ll take away something new each time.


“There’s so much to know about color, and Kristie breaks it down and makes it a lot of fun. You’ll take so much away from this course.”   

-Missy Allen, Realtor and Workshop Participant

Ready to get started? Get the entire course for just $59.

What’s included:

Session 1 | How Color Works 

In this 32-minute video, The Decorologist helps you understand how color is perceived relative to surrounding colors and lighting conditions.  You will learn how recognizing the undertones of colors can help you make the right choices for the existing finishes in your home, the difference between “dirty” and “clean” colors, and how to combine paint colors in your home to achieve a pleasing flow.


Session 2 | Color Placement

The Decorologist covers what’s on-trend in regards to placement of paint colors in your home.  Do’s and don’ts for choosing accent walls, applying ceiling color, painting woodwork and cabinetry, and how to treat your trim to are all covered in this information-packed 22-minute video.


Session 3 | Colors That Rule

The Decorologist lays out her 3 most important rules for choosing color in your home and shares her Top 12 On-Trend Benjamin Moore Neutrals and where to use them in this 27-minute video.

Bonus Session | Just the Right Color

In this 22-minute session, you’ll learn how to get started when trying to decide which paint colors to use (and not to use) when developing a color palette for your space, followed by information on how to use the Benjamin Moore fandecks in choosing paint colors, and recommendations of specific Benjamin Moore products for specific applications.


The entire workshop (over 100 minutes), is available for immediate online access for just $59.

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