Expert Psychological Staging® Certification – ONLINE


Expert Psychological Stager™ Get the best home staging training in the comfort of your own home from  award-winning home staging expert, The Decorologist®.

Includes one year access to the EPS online training and a one year subscription to the EPS Facebook Private Mentoring Group.

Six month same as cash option through PayPal at checkout!

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Psychological Color Expert™ Certification - ONLINE

Professional certification training for designers, home stagers, decorators, and amateur color lovers alike! Learn the system that will teach you how to create beautiful and harmonious color palettes every time and make you a Psychological Color Expert™.  In-depth training from The Decorologist® includes the exact colors and color combinations you need (in both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore) to get amazing results.

Includes one year access to the PCE online training and a one year subscription to the PCE Facebook Private Mentoring Group.

Six month same as cash option through PayPal at checkout!

Expert Psychological Staging® is a unique, scientific system of home staging that focuses on the psychological processes of both the buyer and the seller. Based on the science of visual perception and emotional attachment its application maximizes the selling potential of properties in a way that benefits sellers and real estate professionals alike.

Developed by staging industry leader, Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist®, this systematic and effective staging method has earned both local and national home staging awards and is the best home staging training available.

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44 reviews for Expert Psychological Staging® Certification - ONLINE

  1. Beth Kohn

    This is by far one of the most impressive and highly educational class I have taken – and that includes a four year college degree! Kristie really gives you the tools and knowledge to kickstart your business in home staging. I am entirely new to this platform, and after taking her courses, I feel so supported and prepared to get going.

    I am extremely grateful to Kristie and her team for putting this together. You will not be disappointed and you will leave feeling super excited!

  2. Melissa McAdams

    It has been a passion of mine for many years to stage homes and even dabble in the decorating business. After years of it being a hobby, I took the plunge and decided to take this class! It was refreshing to hear an expert reiterate what has been in my head all along! I learned so much and solidified my love of staging and my desire to make it more than a hobby! Thank you, Kristie!

  3. Katherine Allen

    This course was far more than just an online training for me. I was hesitant to sign-up for an online module but she delivered! Kristie did a great job anticipating common obstacles, real-life scenarios and examples most of us will encounter, and gave practical advice. Not only did she cover the topic, she took it a step farther with specific steps to take to actually start your business, what products work, and fantastic resource suggestions to help cut down on start-up time. I felt like I was in the actual classroom with her between the videos, resources that were mailed ahead of time, and ongoing access to reach her online. I also really appreciated the mutual respect she showed for Realtors, being one myself in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Access to the private Facebook group is also worth its weight in gold for collaboration with other EPS graduates. Bravo on a fantastic course and thank you for the invaluable material!

  4. Mary Burchette

    I am so excited to have completed the Expert Psychological Stager Course by Kristie Barnett! I have wanted to take her course for several years now; however, I was never able to make it to any of her in-person trainings in Nashville. This online course was a huge blessing and I jumped at the chance to take it! I’ve worked as a stager in the past, but I wanted to learn how to start my own staging business. This course delivers!! Kristie is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed every part of the course. I’m looking forward to seeing where my EPS certification takes me!! Thank you, Kristie, for creating an online course!!

  5. Carol Raetz

    Even though I’ve been a certified Interior Designer for several decades, trying to make sense of the world of paint color has always been a difficulty for me which accounted for a large source of stress in my life. Selecting colors would take an inordinate amount of my time to “get it right.” I have always longed to understand the “science” behind color but have not had the time to research and make sense of it all on my own. Many of you out there may be asking if this course is worth your time and money. Well, let me testify that it was worth every penny to me and how I now truly understand color after completing it. The information Kristie covers and the resources she includes as a part of this course have given me the shot in the arm that I needed to move forward with more understanding and confidence. She happily shares her experience with us in a way we can use it in our own businesses. What a gift!! Whatever your design focus, I believe this class is essential. So debate no more and sign up! I have no doubt you’ll be glad you did.

  6. Angie Keetch

    Taking Kristie Barnetts Expert Psychological Stager Course was a no brainer after taking her Psychological Color Expert Class! She is fun, dynamic and extremely knowledgeable. Through her class she instills the confidence and knowledge that you need to start or build a better business. I enjoy learning from her through her blogs, articles, speeches but especially through her courses. I highly recommend both courses!

  7. Julie MacPherson

    High quality content, deliverables, information, and formatting. This was the most “hands on” online course I’ve ever taken. Honestly feel like I learned more from this than I would have in person given the ability to stop, rewind, speed up, and other features to go at the learning pace best suited for me. Further more, despite all the other million things Kristie probably has going on she was highly accessible and so quick to communicate back to me with any questions or issues I encountered. Truly wasn’t expecting her to be so hands on and involved especially with remote learning! I’ve waited years for this to be offered online and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Unlike so many other courses, the material is on quality COLORED paper with quality (hand made!) samples and other extremely useful tools. By far the best certification class I’ve taken to date.

  8. Cindi Law

    I’ve just taken Kristie’s online EPS course, and cannot rave enough! She is a fantastic instructor. I am in the beginning steps of learning all about staging, so I was definitely looking for an in-depth, complete overview, and her course was all that and much more. She covers not only the design, emotional, hands-on aspect of it all, but even the layers of the business portion which is priceless. I’m so happy I heard about this and took the class. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to further their path in the staging world.

  9. Michelle Hebert

    Kristie’s EPS course has opened my eyes to the possibility of starting my own home staging business. She covered so much in the course that I consider stepping stones to launch my business. Can’t recommend her course enough, it’s well worth your time and investment.

  10. Jennifer Weems

    Wow. What an experience. Kristie gives you all the tools you need to launch your staging company. She is so generous with her wealth of knowledge, and what I love about her is how she makes herself available via the private Facebook page for EPS members who have questions later. The Facebook page is invaluable! I love connecting with others who have gone through this course there. Kristie truly wants her students to succeed and the course is professionally designed and excellently executed. I continue to go back through her book as it is a great resource. What a privilege to be able to be trained by an award-winning, internationally acclaimed stager – a rare opportunity! I’m so grateful!

  11. Melissa Laws

    This training was AMAZING! I am so happy I decided to do it. It was so much fun and informational, but also confidence boosting. The quality of material you receive is top-notch and very professional. If you are truly thinking about a home staging career, this course is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself.

  12. Gabriela Monterroso

    When I decided to fly to Nashville for this training course my expectations were already high but I never expected to be so perfect. Not only is Kristie knowledgeable but she is also a real person. Her material is accurate and her delivery is impeccable. Every bit of information is exactly what you need, I would not add or remove anything, but the key is her delivery. She talks from real experiences, she shares her good ones and bad ones so you don’t make the same mistakes. She shares her secrets and makes you feel confident that you can be successful in this business. Thanks Kristie.

  13. Holly Jones

    I am so glad I chose Kristie’s training! The small class size, and step by step instructions lined out in our course guide, really gave me the tools and confidence I needed to launch my business! I felt like I was learning under the best in the business. I would recommend this class to anyone serious about starting a staging business.

  14. Arla Theisen

    I thoroughly enjoyed the EPS class! It had been on my radar for a couple years, waiting for “the right time”. Kristie is an engaging teacher. I especially liked that the course was very well structured around the core principles of staging, which reinforces my confidence starting my new staging and design business. I felt that it was a wealth of knowledge to attain in such a short time. The highlight was having the opportunity to take what we had learned in just 2 days of class time & apply that by staging a home & seeing the dramatic transformation. I look forward to taking Kristie’s Psychological Color Expert online course very soon!

  15. Chandra Harrison

    I highly recommend Kristie’s Expert Psychological Staging Course. She packed so much applicable and practical information into a couple days, and then gave us an opportunity to practice everything we’d just learned. Kristie’s an engaging teacher, savvy business woman, a consummate professional, and truly cares about helping people follow their passion. I left feeling excited and empowered to take my business to new heights, and can’t wait to take her new Psychological Color Expert course. Thank you, Kristie!

  16. Abby Bulliner

    Sooo worth the money if you are interested in Staging. Kristie literally gives you all the tools you need to get started. This means that you don’t have to waste your own time, figuring all of this out! The certification is super helpful when you are talking to potential clients and realtors. I would love to take another advanced class in the future.

  17. Oobi Childs

    I can’t say enough about Kristie Barnett, her amazing staff, and incredibly organized instruction. I’ve been in staging and redesign in an unofficial capacity for many years. Kristie gave me the tools and moxie to take my passion and turn it in to a business. I would recommend the course to anyone with an eye for design wanting to take it to the next level!

  18. Ammie West

    I started my staging journey over 23 yrs ago but when I read Kristie’s book Psychological Staging almost 2 years ago it totally changed my business! I knew then that I had to take her course and this past June I did…it was worth every penny!!! She has her finger on the pulse of the staging world and freely shares her knowledge and experience in this course. If your ready to take the next step in your staging business this is it!!

  19. Emily Taylor

    I’ve followed Kristie’s blog ( for years and read all her books, but I finally decided to take the plunge and enroll in the Expert Psychological Staging course. The class did NOT disappoint! Even though I was familiar with Kristie’s material, I learned many new things that have given me the confidence to start my own staging business. I am continually surprised at how on point her advice and training was! The hands-on practice was super helpful and I made some new friends in class as well. Couldn’t be happier! The class was an excellent investment in my career!

  20. ikleindesign

    Great course! Makes you be more decisive especially when it comes to color choosing. Thank you!

  21. Jennifer Agee

    I have a degree in Interior Design but unfortunately in school, they don’t teach practical applications for the residential market in regards to color and styling. I felt I needed to brush up my skills, and this course gave me exactly what I needed while also educating me about the real estate/staging industry, another avenue for business I’m now highly interested in! Kristie Barnett really covers it all and does an amazing job fitting so much information into these 3 days. She’s an excellent teacher and speaker while also being very honest and open to any questions. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.
    Thankful to Kristie for sharing her expertise with us!

  22. Christy Byers

    I just returned from taking The Decorologist®️ Expert Psychological Stager™️ course and I simply can’t put into words how great it was. Kristie is so knowledgeable and practical with her advice. I am a previous long distance client of Kristie’s and I was so thrilled to finally meet her in person. Kristie helped me to pick colors for my previous home and stage it via phone consult to sell. It sold in record time. After we moved into our new home, she again helped me pick colors. We recently decided to sell again and I used the knowledge that I had acquired from her before and her book to stage again. Every agent and person that walked through our home wanted to know who staged the home. We had multiple offer and it sold in record time. I simply can’t thank Kristie enough. Upon encouragement from my friends and family to pursue something that I am truly passionate about, I took the leap and finally took the course. I am go glad that I did and I am especially grateful that Kristie has a heart for pouring into other women and helping them find their passion in life.

  23. Jenny Mullen

    Kristie Barnett is the real deal! Whether you’re an established stager or a newbie to the business you will walk away from the Decorologist®️ Expert Psychological Stager™️ course with sheer determination! Kristie is an exceptional teacher! Her passion, sincerity and unparalled career experience shines throughout this detailed course. I’m so happy I made the decision to take the leap and learn from the best.

  24. Debra Van Dyke, Coastal Color Design

    I loved everything about this training.
    After following Kristie’s advice to sell two homes back to back, and generating a bidding war in the process I was anxious to learn as much as I could about this profitable information. The class was fun and engaging. Kristie did a great job explaining not only what to do, but why. It has opened up a door of opportunity that I didn’t even know existed. She has a beautiful approach to educating a home owner, while getting them to understand how they will benefit following her advice. I wish I could give her class 10 stars. Best time and money I’ve ever spent.

  25. Shirley Borloz

    The three days were full of information and really exceeded all my expectations. The material provided is perfect for reviewing and for using with clients as well. The camaraderie and new friendships are a plus during and after the class. I feel confident and ready to start my new business!

  26. Anna Laura Haltom

    I can’t say enough good things about this course!! Kristi’s EPS training course was so informative and really gave me the confidence to jumpstart my staging career. I loved the personalized experience and hands on training she provided. She gave me wonderful tools and tips and her ongoing support is invaluable. I loved every second of my experience in the course and highly recommend to anyone thinking about staging career. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your wealth of knowledge, Kristi!!

  27. Niki Hensley

    This course was well with the money. I cannot look at a color now without thinking about the undertones in it and what colors it would pair great with! She made a home stager out of me!

  28. Marsha Walenta

    I enjoyed the class-time instruction – so practical and clear! The hands-on application of staging a large home was the best! The networking with others who are in the same business is an added bonus! Well worth the investment.

  29. Melanie Miller

    This course is chocked full of information that will enable (and inspire!) you to start or grow your home staging business. Two full days of learning followed by an opportunity to put it all to use during a hands-on staging. I have already recommended this course to several friends!

  30. Kathy Marrou

    In an attempt to school myself on home Staging I’ve watched many current HGTV shows. But there lacked a consistency in rules and reasons for said rules. But I recently took Kristie Barnett’s Psychological Staging Course and I was BLOWN AWAY. She has answers to why you do everything. It all makes sense, it all works . You learn and win and your client has an expert who can help her sell her house quickly at top dollar. What more is there? I learned everything I wanted and needed. Plus we actually staged a real home and the results were amazing.
    My only regret is I wish Kristie offered a course in plumbing 101 and French cooking. Kristie are you listening?

  31. Robin Bailey

    Kristie’s class was such informative and fun experience! I’ve done a couple on line courses in Staging and this was by far the best way to learn. Thank you Kristie! I’m so thankful I did it!

  32. Karen Gapen

    Expert Psychological Staging is, by far, the best training class I have ever taken. I have staged a few homes, but I really didn’t have the knowledge and confidence I needed. This class gave me the knowledge and confidence I lacked! Kristie did an exceptional job presenting the materials. We covered so much in three days, but she made it so easy to understand. I loved that we actually had the opportunity to stage a home the last day. The hands on training topped off a perfect class. If Kristie gives another staging class, I will be one of the first to sign up.

  33. Maura De Raedt

    Attending EPS™ training was the best decision I could have made as I start my home staging business! Kristie is so genuine and open about sharing her experiences and provided all the tools and advice needed to hit the ground running. There was a fantastic mix of talented professionals in our class – Those contacts combined with exclusive access to the EPS™ private Facebook page are invaluable. I left EPS™ training confident, inspired and excited for the future of my staging business! Thanks for sharing your energy and expertise, Kristie! It is such a privilege to have you as a mentor.

  34. Cynthia Harmon

    I am just back from Nashville after an amazing learning weekend with Kristie Barnett! The weekend was packed with fabulous material, a great group of people, and a very successful hands on staging experience. This class offers everything you need to begin a successful staging business. I highly recommend taking this weekend certification program. Kristie’s knowledge and experience is exceptional, not only in staging, but in redesign, paint and everyday decorating!

  35. Jennifer Muoto, Sea Salt Interiors

    The Expert Psychological Staging certification far exceeded my expectations. The first two days were jam packed with information, taught by the uber talented, Kristie Barnett. The third day was all hands-on application and so much fun. We were able to hone our newly learned skill set and stage an actual home. I learned so much from Kristie, The Decorologist, during this course and look forward to taking more classes from her in the future. I left the weekend feeling very prepared to start a business!

  36. Nancy Gillespie

    I was so impressed with the wealth of information I received at Kristi’s EPS training class. I will be referencing all the material again and often as I pursue my staging career. The experience (and fun!) of staging a bed and breakfast on our last day was priceless. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in a staging career. Thank you Kristi!!

  37. Courtney Schomburg

    You are an amazing teacher and your knowledge on paint and staging in general are impressive to say the least! You are one of the most engaging, honest, and informed teachers I have ever trained with! I am beyond honored to now have this designation and say that I trained under you. Thank you for everything.

  38. Jennifer Durenberger

    I loved all of the useful information and especially the teacher. We covered so much, but it was not overwhelming because it was all applicable. I feel very confident and know that if I have questions, there is great ongoing support!

  39. Haley Jordan

    I am so thankful you offer this course. What would take me years to learn on my own – or even with someone else – I learned in days! I loved learning everything in such a clear, fun way. Kristie is a wonderful educator.

  40. Kimberley Hume

    Taking Kristie’s EPS™ course was the best decision I made to move my home staging business forward! Staging is much more than simply moving furniture around or decorating a pretty house. There’s so much to learn about color, furniture placement, addressing a home’s architecture, and helping potential buyers attach emotionally to a home. The EPS™ course very skillfully addresses all of the areas and so much more. Kristie’s background in psychology sets this course apart from other home staging courses, and her funny and engaging teaching style makes this very information-packed course a delight! The on-going support I receive from Kristie has been invaluable to my business!

  41. Paige Braswell

    I spent a good deal of time researching different options for staging certification. I am SO glad I chose Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist! It was worth every penny. Kristie truly desires to arm you with all the information and knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. I learned so much! I feel very confident now moving forward and starting my own staging business. I also enjoy the ongoing support we receive from Kristie. I have confidence I’ve learned from the BEST!

  42. Amanda Carlson

    I loved every single minute of this class and have found my complete passion. I always wanted to find a way to combine my design talents & schooling with helping others and now I have! The Decorologist class was A M A Z I N G. I learned so much and she really reinforced my confidence in my other design abilities since they have been tucked away in my mind for so many years now. . .

    I loved learning the massive differences in design & staging. Totally different goals for each. Now I can do either! I love it!!

  43. Amy Wagner

    Such a great experience and highly recommend it to anyone interested in earning their certification and for those like me that have businesses and want to take their business to another level!! Thanks, Kristie Barnett !!”

  44. Maggie Setler

    I took this class from Kristie in January and I had a GREAT TIME and learned SO MUCH!!! I don’t know how I would have started my home staging business without the confidence I got from being a certified EPS Stager and all the continuing help from Kristie and the other ESP stagers on our EPS Facebook page!

    If you have ever wanted to be a stager …TAKE THIS CLASS!!!. You will be VERY glad that you did!

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