Psychological Color Expert™ Certification – ONLINE


Professional certification training for designers, home stagers, decorators, and amateur color lovers alike! Learn the system that will teach you how to create beautiful and harmonious color palettes every time and make you a Psychological Color Expert™.  In-depth training from The Decorologist® includes the exact colors and color combinations you need (in both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore) to get amazing results.

Includes one year access to the PCE online training and a one year subscription to the PCE Facebook Private Mentoring Group.

Six month same as cash option through PayPal at checkout!

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Expert Psychological Staging® Certification - ONLINE

Expert Psychological Stager™ Get the best home staging training in the comfort of your own home from  award-winning home staging expert, The Decorologist®.

Includes one year access to the EPS online training and a one year subscription to the EPS Facebook Private Mentoring Group.

Six month same as cash option through PayPal at checkout!

What You’ll Receive with
Psychological Color Expert™ Training


Get the best interior paint color training by a leader in the field and become a Psychological Color Expert™!  Deep dive into the world of interior paint color. Learn how to systematically create perfect paint color palettes for any and every home, with Decorologist-approved colors, color combinations, and color placement that are only available in this course.

  • Video instruction by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist® (course completion in 15-18 hours, one year of access)
  • Color-corrected photographic examples and before/afters – all actual paint specifications by Kristie Barnett
  • Spiral bound, full color Psychological Color Expert™ Manual filled with Lesson Notes and 20 Go-To Guides
  • Curated lists of Decorologist-approved colors for specific applications
  • Perfect Paint Palette™ kit with 19 SmallWall® boards in Sherwin-Williams® paint – each w/detailed printed instructions on backs
  • 100+ labeled photos of Kristie’s paint colors and paint color combinations
  • Benjamin Moore® color samples and fan decks
  • Sherwin-Williams® Designer Kit and fan decks
  • Psychological Color Expert™ certificate, press release, and official logo
  • Psychological Color Expert™ Paint Color Schedule
  • One Year of Free Access to private FaceBook group where Kristie can help you with your color questions
  • and so much more!

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Psychological Color Expert Course?


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Psychological Color Expert™ certification is lifetime and renewal is not required. Online access to this course and any updates will be available for one year from the time of purchase. Online subscription renewal is available if desired. All content is copyrighted. Logins and passwords are only to be used by a single purchaser. Violation will result in revocation of course access.

***INTERNATIONAL ORDERS are subject to additional duties to be collected COD. This will not be included in our charges.

45 reviews for Psychological Color Expert™ Certification - ONLINE

  1. Erika N. Keller-Field

    The “Psychological Color Expert Certification – Online Course” is excellent, as it not only delves into theory but is also practical. I enjoyed it as it provides all the tools necessary to be confident regarding choosing and applying the colors to whatever space someone chooses in a house. I really appreciate Kristie’s down to earth approach, as well, in her presentation. I highly recommend her course!

  2. Karen Frost

    I learned so much valuable information from this course. Kristie explains everything in detail you need to know about helping clients pick out the best colors for their home. She answers those challenging color placement questions which makes explaining to clients and painters so much easier. I highly recommend.

  3. Kathleen

    The online Psychological Color Expert (PCE) training course was outstanding, very well-organized and included many helpful materials. Kristie’s presentation was excellent and engaging! The course made it possible to learn the essentials about paint color selection and how to always select the best color palette for clients or even yourself to create color harmony in the home. It made things uncomplicated with her Perfect Paint Palette™ system which I really appreciate. You will learn how to avoid mistakes in paint color and color placement and understand the importance of identifying undertones and so much more. Kristie’s shares her vast knowledge and experience in the paint color and design consulting business. The PCE training course provides valuable information and the professional tools you need to succeed as a residential color expert. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  4. Colleen

    I’ve wanted to take this course for a few years now. Glad I had the opportunity. I recently graduated with an Associate degree in Interior Design, and no previous course work ever delved into the paint selection process. Kristie guides you through all aspects of an interior to ensure your success. For those wanting to take this course for personal or professional use, I say it’s worth the investment. Even if you have a strong background in color selection, you are sure to learn something new.

  5. Janet Goldthorpe

    I absolutely loved this course. I love the way Kristie teaches. I am looking forward to starting a business consulting clients with their paint selections.

  6. Susan Haggblom

    Thank You! I feel much more confident in why I like one paint color over another for a space. The Information was wonderful and I can not wait to put it to use!

  7. Jennifer Agee

    I am so glad I took this PCE course! Kristie shares so many different real-life scenarios and gives easy-to-follow tips and tricks. All the tried-and-true paint colors are going to be so helpful. This course is also super helpful in building confidence running your business. She is a master at her craft and I’m grateful she is willing to share all this knowledge. I’m looking forward to take what I learned here and apply it in the field.

  8. Ilse

    It is a great course! I learned a lot and can now go out there and prescribe colour with confidence. It will be a great add-on to my current decorating business. Thank you Kirstie and Daria especially for making it happen for me so far away from the States!

  9. Lisa

    I LOVED this course! I always knew I didn’t like the paint colors in certain rooms of my home, but after taking this course, I knew why and how to fix the problems. My first color client was blown away by the changes I suggested and the before and after was an amazing transformation! I love all that I was provided with and the instructions that came with them.

  10. Starr L Armstrong

    I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed taking this course! Kristie is certainly knowledgeable and has given me the tools to be successful as a paint color expert. I love all of the fabulous pictures that teach me and inspire me. The course materials are well-organized and Kristie clearly explains each chapter. She gives us tools to use in our businesses. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to persue a career as a color specifier.

  11. Angela Keetch

    I have always loved paint. For me it was always the least expensive way to make the largest impact. I also knew that paint affected how people felt. When I heard Kristie speak to our RESA chapter about paint, she brought such a different perspective about color than what I was used to. It wasn’t just about the color, she gave a lot reasoning behind the why. In that short hour I learned a lot about paint. I knew that by taking the PCE class I would learn a great deal. Kristie gave me the training and confidence to view, test and recommend paint colors. The painted small boards, her recommended colors and stains, and color coding our fan decks was so useful. At the beginning of class I could see when a color didn’t look right but couldn’t express why and after finishing the class I can explain why a color will or will not work based on the room. As I help my clients choose paint colors for their homes I have the knowledge and tools to help them make the best paint selections. Kristie is an amazing teacher, she encourages, and gives confidence throughout her course.

  12. Julie MacPherson

    I need to repaint my whole house. I never knew there was so much involved with paint and color! Quite a humbling experience taking this course and SOOO appreciative of all the information learned. Also didn’t realize how lucrative this service could be. Super excited to get started.

  13. Holly McDonell

    After having taken Kristie’s highly acclaimed Expert Psychological Stager class in person and blown away by the experience, her design talent and gift of sharing knowledge, I knew that there is so much more I wanted to learn from her. The Psychological Color Expert online course was the next step for me since I plan to focus my business more on color consultations. From start to finish the whole online course process is easy to follow. Everything that you could possibly need to be successful is included in the course materials and Kristie’s Perfect Paint Palette kit such as the color boards, and other tools in the training manual like paint color palettes. Each video is so well presented by Kristie and her warm delivery will have you feeling like you are right there with her as she so generously shares an incredible amount of valuable paint color information. The ongoing support of being included in a private FB group where Kristie and others who have taken the course share their experience and advice is so invaluable. I have personally gained so much more confidence in my ability to efficiently understand color placement by taking this course. Thank you for yet another astounding experience and very pleased to have the certification as a Psychological Color Expert! I highly recommend making the investment to take any of Kristie’s courses.

  14. Jennifer Wenndt

    Kristie is a miracle-worker with color! Her color course is invaluable for choosing not only colors that will work in just about every situation, but colors that truly say “up-to-date!” Her videos, lists of colors for a variety of situations, the large color boards and 100+ pictures of her own work (WITH paint color names!) give me the confidence to recommend color palettes for my clients. But the help doesn’t stop there! The private facebook group where Kristie generously helps with unique situations and questions that arise is priceless! I can’t say enough about how valuable this course has been and continues to be to me! I can’t wait for any other training that Kristie offers! I’ll be one of the first to sign up!!

  15. Gail Deye

    This course is amazing! So much valuable information is given in a relaxed, comfortable setting. After completing the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to tackle any painting consult. It is also a great complement to the Expert Psychological Stager course. Kristie truly cares about her student’s and their success. I highly recommend this course!

  16. Paula Van Hoogen

    Dear Kristie,
    It took me awhile, because of a major move, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed
    taking this course. I feel as though it is not so much work, but, for me, a natural form of artistic expression.
    Although I am not a business person, I enjoy working with both color and people, so I look forward
    with this expert training to serve as best as I can.
    You have covered all the bases and made it interesting and do-able.
    It has been a pleasure to have you as my teacher.
    Loving the PCE page on FaceBook as well!
    Thank you for an excellent class, Kristie.
    Paula Van Hoogen

  17. Christy Byers

    I have known Kristie for a few years now. I was a client first. Kristie helped me pick paint colors and stage my first home virtually as I live out of state. After the purchase of my next home, she again helped me pick my paint colors. Through our phone conversations, she gave me the confidence and knowledge to apply her suggestions. I became intrigued by what she did and took her Psychological staging class and loved it. Kristie is so knowledgable and when she released the Psychological Color Expert course, I knew that I wanted the dive deeper into how to pick the proper paint colors. She is such an expert and has really streamlined this course just as she did her staging course. I am beyond excited to add Psychological Color Expert to my repertoire. I highly recommend this course!!

  18. Stasia Vance

    Take this course!! You will not regret it!! I took Kristie’s Expert Psychological Stager class and absolutely LOVED it. I was hesitant to take the Psychological Color Expert Course since she goes over color in the staging class. However, the knowledge and depth that she shares in the Psychological Color Experts class surpassed my expectations!! Yes, she may go over color in the staging class, but this color course goes into so much detail and teaches you the how and why certain colors work in spaces and others don’t. Have you ever been in someone’s house and fell in love with the color and when you try it in your house it doesn’t look good? Kristie will teach you why this happens and how you can select the best paint colors for any space. You will learn what sheen selections are best, she gives you no fail color combinations, and how color placement can really enhance a room. One of the best tools is the Perfect Paint Palette kit that you will receive with this course. Kristie gives you her “go to” colors and shows examples of how color placement and color selection will give you amazing results every time! Many thanks to Kristie for sharing her wealth of knowledge to educate others!

  19. Lana Carroll

    I took this course after taking the staging course, and I learned so much in both! The confidence I have now because of it is definitely worth the money!

  20. Louanne Howard

    The Psychological Color Expert training is by far the best course available. You will learn far more than how to make the correct color choices. You will even learn how to use different paint sheens to create an expertly designed color scheme that is heads above the rest! Nobody else teaches this detail to this extent. Kristie is an excellent teacher and continues to be supportive even after graduation. She truly wants you to be successful! I highly recommend this course.

  21. Tricia

    As a design professional, continued professional development opportunities allow me to hone my skills to be able to provide the highest level of service to my clients. After attending Kristie’s Psychological Staging™ course and experiencing her extensive knowledge and authentic teaching style, taking the Psychological Color Expert™ course was a straightforward decision. The Psychological Color Expert™ course exceeded expectations. It is a comprehensive course in which Kristie provides you with the tools, resources, and knowledge to be able to create relevantly delightful color palettes every time. Even though the course is online, Kristie’s extensive knowledge and authenticity shine through in her teaching style as she leads you through visual examples and practical exercises. Kristie is in the field practicing her craft every day, her system is proven. Her generosity does not end with the course, as she provides continued support through the Psychological Color Expert™ Facebook page, where she is there to guide and cheer you on as you move forward in your journey. Do not hesitate to take the course as it will provide you with the confidence and language to communicate color and placement to your clients more effectively.

  22. Jayme Golias

    I have nothing but praise for Kristie Barnett & her Psychological Color Expert training course. I completed her Expert Psychological Staging course (also recommend), but felt I needed more in depth knowledge on how to choose the right paint colors for the many design & staging dilemmas my clients may face. The course materials arrived promptly and included everything needed. Doing the course online was more like sitting with an old friend and having coffee – I hated for it to end, but I am so excited to put all that I learned to use. Kristie spares no details, is very thorough in explaining each section of the course and I love that she shares so many valuable insights that prepare you, not only to best assist your clients with choosing paint colors, but also how to avoid potentially costly mistakes. I highly recommend this course whether you’re in business, preparing to build or remodel your home or just enjoy decorating & interior design. You won’t be disappointed!

  23. Melissa Laws

    If you are wanting to further your career in the home staging or color consultation world, then this course is a must do! It does not feel like a traditional, tedious online course, as it is personable, inviting and basically a joy to sit through. You will leave feeling like you have the tools for success and you can take on any painting/design situation. 10/10 would recommend.

  24. Jennifer Weems

    So first of all – it doesn’t feel like a “course.” With her amiable conversational tone, you feel like you are having coffee with a good friend who is sharing all of her valuable knowledge with you. The course is professionally produced and visually appealing. Kristie is extremely generous with her teaching and the tools she sends you. Her ability to share and speak candidly about the business side of things was surprising – like I said she is VERY generous to share what she knows. I feel like she really wants me to succeed, too. There is zero ego; it’s all about helping people achieve their goals. She’s clearly given me all the tools I need, especially the palettes, color combos, and showing me how to code my fan decks. She really has thought of everything you would need to get started, and I believe the box of coded paint boards will not only give me confidence but will help establish credibility with clients . All the questions I had and didn’t even know I needed to ask, she answers in her course. There is an art and a science to this and she helps you navigate both. Once you enroll in the course, you are included in a private FB group where you can go for advice, inspiration, and encouragement – that alone is worth the price of admission. Everything I’ve seen her do, she does with excellence, and this course is just one more example.

  25. Terri Bitting

    The Psychological Color Expert training is so valuable! I am a female painter and run an all women’s crew. I have been offering paint consultation but not to any degree of what I have learned here from Kristie. The knowledge, the depth of understanding of color and color placement is superb. This course is so well written and presented that I do feel empowered and excited to share with new clients to really make their space so much more cohesive and inviting.
    I waffled between this and another online course but after having completed this one there is no second guessing I made the right choice!
    Thank you Kristie for your expertise, your generosity to share and the giving others the ability to create their own successful business!

  26. Iya Klein

    I want to thank Kristie Barnett for this course. Not only did I learn a lot from it, but I felt that Kristie is very generous with her knowledge. Years of her practice have been put into this very easy to learn and understand color expert course. I keep on taking every course that Kristie has to offer. Thank you!

  27. Elizabeth Scruggs

    There is no one in the industry that has a better understanding of color, the psychology behind it, and how it affects us and our perception of our surroundings. This course is complete and thorough, and the continued support that is available is an added benefit no other course offers. However, the main difference between this course and others I’ve seen, is that Kristie actually does this every day, and has done it everyday for years. Other courses I looked at were taught by an “instructor,” but not someone who actually works in the field every day. This course is backed by education and experience, and has increased my confidence when working with clients.

  28. Mary Smoczynski

    I just finished Kristie’s “Psychological Color Expert” Course and I am blown away with how informative it was! This just propelled me to another level and I cannot thank her enough for sharing all of her expertise from her years in the industry. She provides everything you need to do a professional color consultation and the knowledge behind it. I just did my first one and it was seamless because of this course and all the materials I received.! SO thankful I got this!!!!!

  29. Vivian Bowman

    I love this course!! The Psychological Color Expert training is very thorough and Kristie organizes all her information in a very systematic and logical presentation. She provides colors, color placement and sheen selection advice and backs it all up with fabulous photos and before and after examples. There are basic color combinations that Kristie shares, but because she has identified so many colors in the Perfect Paint Palette, the color combination options are nearly endless. I can’t wait to get started transforming spaces with color! You should too!!

  30. Chandra Harrison

    I took the Decorologist’s Psychological Color Expert training after completing the Expert Psychological Stager training. The first course was so good that I had high expectations for the second, and it was even better than anticipated! Kristie provided the knowledge, tools, and a well thought out system to complete paint consultations in a very professional and concise way. Every element was explained in great detail with numerous visual examples, and then the course offers the ability to practice what you’ve learned. I highly recommend this course, it’s worth every penny!

  31. Karen Hattan

    The Decorologist knows color like no other! This training was comprehensive, instructional, and also VERY applicable. She even gives you some practice exercises within the course, so you hone your new skills and feel more confident in your color selections for clients! I am already using what I learned in my design consultations, home staging consultations, and of course COLOR consultations! Great investment!

  32. Amy Dennison

    I just finished my Psychological Color Expert training class and I was not disappointed! Kristie’s background in education marries beautifully with her knowledge of design and the complicated world of paint color! I am more than pleased with this class and thrilled to be able to add this service to my staging business. Highly recommended!

  33. Donna Burgess

    This course was very easy to follow and very well thought out. I love the way Kristie instructs, works through examples and also backs up with actual photos. I am looking forward to using my Perfect Paint Palette on my next color consult!

  34. Lisa Baker

    This course was super informative and gave me the confidence I needed to take my paint color selections to the next level. Flipping through a paint deck can be very overwhelming, so having “no-fail” options and great combinations at my finder tips is a such a blessing. So glad I took the leap to be a Psychological Color Expert! Great course and highly recommend!

  35. Elena Espy

    Kristie is an amazing instructor! This course is exactly what I needed. Worth every penny because it is thorough, well-organized and practical!

  36. Cindi DeBusk

    So happy that I choose this online paint training program! I’ve attended several color courses and I’m blown away with this course. Chapters 5, 7 & 9 are worth the price alone!!! Now I’m ready to take my paint consultation business to a new level thanks to Kristie and her system.

  37. Marsha Walenta

    The Psychological Color Expert training is the education that every person in the design business needs! Kristie has created a tool that will enable me to move forward with confidence to help my clients choose the perfect Paint Palette for their home. The material is clear, well organized, and practical. Kristie has taken the mystery out of choosing paint colors! Worth every penny!

  38. Stephanie Engel

    The Psychological Color Expert™ course was everything and more than what I thought it was going to be. The course is very thorough and provides you with all the tools and resources you need in order to be a confident and successful color consultant. I have researched all the color certification courses available and truly believe this course is the best one out there. Kristie does not hold any information back in this course and freely shares her experiences and knowledge she has accumulated over the years. It is truly a pleasure to be trained by one of the best in the design and home staging industry. I highly recommend this program! You will not be disappointed!

  39. Shelley McCoy

    The Psychological Color Expert training course is so thorough! Kristie is a master at color and also is a fabulous instructor. Each lesson in this course that she has developed builds on each other. Her strategic yet simplified approach to selecting just the right colors are broken down step by step. I am now more confident in selecting paint colors for my clients. The Perfect Paint Palette kit that you also receive with the course is icing on the cake. Wonderful course and highly recommend!

  40. Leigh Ann Portale

    Kristie truly has thought of everything in the Psychological Color Expert Course. Her information and photos are clearly organized and extremely detailed with step by steps. The materials provided, course exercises and the unique color boards with supporting information help make sense out of choosing paint color palettes. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in interior paint color selection. I am so excited to have received my certification and look forward to working in this field.

  41. Gloria Staats

    The Psychological Color Expert™ Training is absolutely fantastic! The attention to detail that Kristie Barnett shows in everything she does shows in this training! Not only will you learn about undertones, paint color placement, updating and improving spaces with wall and cabinetry color selections, choosing the best color combos and more; you will also learn a process in which you will make these selections that will allow you to be professional while growing a lucrative business. I cannot wait to start scheduling appointments for consultations and using my new Perfect Paint Palette™. I truly feel confident with the tools provided by this course.

  42. Sandy Carr

    This course was wonderful. The information is practical, well organized and informative. I used the materials successfully, with great confidence, on the day I finished the training! I highly recommend this course as well as Kristie’s other online courses.

  43. Kim Pearse

    The Psychological Color Expert course was amazing and so well thought out. Anyone in the home staging business, interior design or redesign business should take this course. I’ve taken 3 other color certification courses, and this one is hands down the best! I thought I knew a lot about color and color placement, but wow, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. I learned so much about the placement of color, the amazing color combinations Kristie uses everyday and many things of what not to do. I can’t say enough about the value you get with the course, so worth it! Take this course and learn from the best!

  44. Kala Adair

    I have nothing but praise for the Psychological Color Expert course! Kristie covers everything you need to know to be a successful paint color consultant. The course is well-done, with clear explanations. I feel confident that I will come across as professional and knowledgeable in this field, thanks to this course. Kristie also makes herself accessible, so it’s easy to ask her questions or clarify things if needed. Highly recommended!

  45. Alyson Hiett Roberts

    The Decorologist’s Psychological Color Expert training is fabulous! No matter your level of expertise in design, decorating or staging, this course takes you from the psychology of color to the step-by-step process of choosing the right colors for your clients’ homes. I needed a stronger foundation of knowledge in choosing the right paint colors for the varied design dilemmas my clients face. The number of paint selections can often leave me feeling overwhelmed! This course was the answer to my all questions. The clearly organized materials, built-in activities and expert teaching exceeded my expectations. Kristie generously shares her well-curated process for “no fail” interior color palette building and combining. The fact that she includes specific paint colors to use in two major paint brands is even better. I am so thankful for this unique opportunity to receive training and certification in the process of building the Perfect Paint Palette!

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