Here’s what our customers have to say!

Melissa said:

“Kristie, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. I am literally in tears.  I love it!   Really, I can’t thank you enough.  I have been paralyzed for so long and I couldn’t afford any of the Washington DC “decorators” – you are a godsend.  I am telling all of my friends about you!”  (online, long distance client)

Karen said:

“I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you today.  Your expertise and desire for perfection are impressive.  I look forward to working with you on future projects as the house evolves.”

Annessa said:

“Painters are here and I am dying over how good it already looks!!!!  I had no idea that getting color on our walls could make me this happy!!!!!   Our bedroom is to die for – the color is fantastic!  And the powder room – that teal – it is awesome!  I can’t wait to see the living room and dining room.  You are just wonderful!!!!  Definitely found your calling in life!”

Alison said: 

“Kristie has been a godsend for me in figuring out my color palette and creating flow in my house… all paint colors have been selected and painting is starting! I am so excited to see the final product!  I was lost without her.” (on-line, long distance client)

Katie said:

“I feel so blessed to have had Kristie’s help with our home. She really listened when I told her what I was looking for, and she had lots of ideas to help me think outside of the box. The paint colors and room arrangements are wonderful. I enjoy having people over more often now because our home is warm, inviting, and reflects who we are.”

Susie said: 

“We are making progress on your suggested changes and are very pleased!  We painted the dining room this weekend and it looks so pretty that I cried.  We’d like to schedule another 2-hour consultation for next month!”

Sharon said:

“I absolutely LOVE it!   I feel like you totally listened and nailed where I was going and what I wanted to see in that space!!!  I am so excited, and can’t thank you enough! You are worth every penny, girl!” (on-line, long distance client)

Alice said:

“Kristie Barnett staged our house and we had an offer in 11 days. I truly believe her help made the home more attractive to a variety of buyers.”

Jill said:

“You did such a phenomenal job putting the blog post together about our home.  I just have to tell you that it made me feel overwhelmed with gratefulness to you for how you have helped me whip this house into shape and get rid of that anxiety causing “tornado environment” that we lived in for way too long!  When I saw the before pics on the post it seriously surfaced major anxious feelings and I questioned how in the world I lived like that for so long.  You were/are truly a life saver!!  You are so good at what you do and it obviously shows.  Thank you for helping me!”

Debbie said:

“With a few cosmetic improvements, furniture rearrangement, and accessory changes, you turned our home into a showplace. We received offers quickly and made more on the sale of our home than we imagined in this market. We could not have had the success we did without The Decorologist ‘s help.”

Jennifer said:

“I cannot tell you how happy I am!  I feel like new life has been breathed into the house.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  I had been dreading moving the girl’s room, but now I absolutely cannot wait to do it.  I wish I could get those walls painted tomorrow and get them in there! I am thrilled.  Absolutely, positively thrilled.  Thank you SO MUCH for all of your amazing ideas and inspiration!  I feel like such a huge burden has been lifted already! “

Lydia said:

“Kristie, thanks so much for taking the time to come down and help me with the house. Your hot streak continues since we got a contract the very next weekend!”

Paula said:

“It looks fabulous!  Does it feel good to always be right?  Thank you for your expert help.”

Mary said:

“The Decorologist was able to use the things I already had to create a look that is polished, personal, and that I absolutely love! It makes me so happy, I cannot explain. It feels like me.”

Marian said:

“The Decorologist made us think about our home in a totally new light.  She helped us transform seldom used rooms into some of our family’s new favorite spots.  Her color sense unified our existing, chaotic decor into a cohesive whole. She earned our trust through spot-on advice, attention to our individual tastes, and impressive dollar-stretching.  Her work has given us the confidence that our home has finally become a truer reflection of us!”

Tim said:

“Thanks for your work on the house. It looks great (and my wife’s on cloud nine).  Does it hurt to be so awesome?”

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