Belmont-Hillsboro Tour of Homes

Today I’m sharing some photos and ideas from a recent historic home tour here in Nashville.  The Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood is located south of downtown Nashville, Tennessee.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, early 20th century bungalows, foursquares, and tudors line its sidewalked streets.  Proximity to three universities,  as well as downtown and suburban working, shopping, and dining areas, provides a hip, urban lifestyle for its residents.


Lots of interior styles were represented on this tour.  This house was really fun – lots of white paint on the walls, punctuated with lots of color in the art and accessories.


Textiles provided all the visual punch needed in this family home.


Lots of homemade art made from stretched fabric on canvas frames in this home – an inexpensive way to add personalized art to your space!




 Another home on the tour featured bold wall colors and art, like this:




What a vibrant and fun room for a lucky girl!


I loved how they used tacks on this globe to mark the places this lucky girl has travelled.   I’m jealous.


Look at this collage of antique plates on a dining room wall.  I like it, but not as crazy about the wall color behind it. 


This was a great casual living area – neutral sofa fabric with colorful graphic pillows.   The coffee table had a fabulous worn finish.



Loved this unique piece.  It was once used to aid kneeling while praying.


Fabulous outdoor space.  Check out those red nesting tables!  The lamp is specifically for outdoors with a special



Super-cool light fixture!!!!!



We have already established that I heart birds.  So I heart this collage of them, natch.


Check out the piece on the right.  Old book pages decoupaged on a board.  A cut-out bird silhouette pasted on top.  Scrabble tiles spelling “PEACE” finish it off.  I could totally do that!!!


What do you think of this bathroom?  I love the subway tiles – these are in light green.  It kind of looks like the vanity is floating with the open shelf below the drawers.



The following home was the most “designed.”  This glam office had padded and upholstered walls.


I ran into my sweet client, Lisa – here she is in the mirror!  We ended up hanging out together for the rest of the tour!


There are lots of last-minute projects that are frantically finished up just in time for home tours.   The homeowners ran out of time and forgot to remove the plastic from this lampshade – oops!!!


Loved this special touch in the closet . . .


A great mural in another great girl’s room.  White on lavender keeps it clean and simple.  And dreamy.



I’m gonna hush so you can look at a few more pictures, without commentary:














 Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Did you get any decoration inspiration?





  1. Dianne Tant

    I loved all of these rooms…especially the birds…I love bird art too

  2. Chelle

    I love the white mural on the lavender wall.

  3. Jamie

    The chandalier in the blue bedroom towards the bottom (right before the FABULOUS tree stump table thingie) is something straight out of our parent’s house. They have one just like that in their hallway…which Marian painted blue ages ago! And the bird/Scrabble tile/decoupage piece is really cool. Love looking into other people’s homes. For inspiration, I mean. And nothing else 🙂

    • Kristie Barnett

      I know it’s bizarre, but I love that tree stump table thingie, too!

  4. Lee

    loved the big kitchen table with legs that look like stair banisters!
    also want to know more about having real furniture and accessories in outdoor rooms – does it stay outdoors all the time or just when you are using it? How does it not get all modly or dusty, etc.?

    • Lee

      sorry – should be moldy not modly 🙂

    • Kristie Barnett

      There are lots of good “outdoor” furniture and fabric available. Sunbrella fabrics come to mind, and are actually great for use inside if you have messy children and pets. They don’t fade, are mold-resistant and waterproof, and resist staining. On this tour, I saw several of the “outdoor” lamps – the shades are made of waterproof fabric and there’s a piece that protects the bulb – and outdoor wiring, of course. But I don’t think you should leave it out in a downpour – probably better on a screened porch. All that to say, they still get very dusty. I had a screened porch for years, and I was always frustrated by the tons of pollen all over everything. You have to clean it all the time. But it sure looks great right after you clean it really good – for the home tour!

  5. Lezlie Owsley

    If anyone is interested in making their own tree stump table thingie, I know where you can get some fabulous tree stumps! Just let me know!

    • Kristie Barnett

      haha, i should have mentioned that in the post, lezlie! i now have 4 tree stump thingies courtesy of lezlie – but i am using them as outdoor chairs around the firepit in my backyard. maybe i should bring one inside . . .

  6. ehalvey

    Loving the console table in the photo with your friend. I’m such a medieval nerd.

  7. Umida

    I love that colorful little girls bedding. Do you know where I can get it from? Thanks

  8. gracie muldoon

    Love these pics! I loved the enchanted woods theme and the crystal chandeliers… The more varied the mix.. the better I like it.. Painted furniture.. rustic pieces all so beautiful and feminine if you desire that.. or needn’t be!



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