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How Hershey’s is Making My Easter a Little Easier This Year

Easter is fast approaching, like a bunny hopping down a trail!   I’m already ready, thanks to a custom Easter basket provided by Hershey’s!   You see, when I attended the Blissdom blogging conference last month, Hershey’s had all the attendees order their own custom Easter baskets for FREE!  Thanks, Hershey’s!    We got to […]

The Question Is: Who Are You Willing to Disappoint?

I attended an amazing blogging conference here in Nashville last weekend at Opryland Gaylord Hotel.  This is the 5th year of Blissdom, an annual event that celebrates and encourages women to pursue their dreams.   The opening keynote speaker was Jon Acuff, author of Quitter.  My biggest take-away from his speech:  decide who it is […]