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Ceiling Light Dilemmas: How’s It Hanging?

Don’t you wish builders would use a little forethought when they install ceiling light fixtures?  Aargh.  Most builders hang ceiling light fixtures in the dead center of each room.  Is that where they should be hung?  Not always.  source   Just because someone installed the light in the middle of the room doesn’t mean that’s […]

How to Hang a Drum Shade

Hanging pendants and drum shades are everywhere.  They’re stylish and usually a quite inexpensive way to introduce a little pop into your lighting.  Hanging drum shades is a great way to cast a warm glow in any space.  The resulting light is warmer and less harsh than your typical overhead lighting.  But sometimes it’s difficult […]

Update with Lampshades

You want to hear something really encouraging?  You can update nearly any old lamp with a rocking new lampshade.  The hard part is finding the “right” lampshade.  So, I’m gonna make it easy for you – I’m finding it for you! Latticework is really “in” right now – this updated latticework lampshade is so on-trend […]