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Should You Paint Your Exterior Brick?

I know it must be springtime, because I’m having lots of requests for Exterior Paint Color Consultations!  More and more people are realizing that they no longer have to live with their dated brick exteriors if they don’t want to, but it can be difficult to take the plunge and actually paint the brick.   […]

The Decorologist: Choose Exterior Paint Colors with Confidence!

I have found that when I do Exterior Color Consultations with a client, they have a great deal of difficulty envisioning the final outcome and are terrified to commit to a new color scheme!  When you are plunking down $10,000 – $20,000 on having the exterior of your home painted, you want to KNOW you are making […]

How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors

When I am doing an Exterior Paint Consultation, I take into account the roof, brick, stone, or other building materials that make up the house, as well as adjoining walkways, plantings, surrounding buildings, and style of home.   The Decorologist   And it’s not just about choosing the right colors – it’s also about where to […]