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Creating an Evergreen Boy’s Bedroom Design

    I’ve been working with a wonderful family with five young children. The childrens’ bedrooms were nice and roomy, but woefully devoid of any personality or fun.  These clients were looking for “evergreen” bedroom designs for their children – meaning that the rooms wouldn’t look so babyish or theme-y that their kids would tire […]

Country Living & Decorating

Last weekend I spent some time in the country, where decorating ideas abounded.     This is the home where I stayed with my elder daughter.     This beautiful home belongs to the director of the new school my daughter will be attending this year.   She invited the students in my daughter’s grade, […]

The Most Romantic Bed – No, Not a Waterbed

I had a brass bed as a child.  I liked it, but I have always harbored a desire for an iron bed.   I have a client with a gorgeous vintage iron bed, and it got me thinking:  just what is it about an iron bed that is so alluring and romantic? source