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Blue Velvet, Baby!

I love glamorous interiors.  And what’s more glamorous than blue velvet?  There are lots of sumptuous options if you like the blue velvet trend.  I don’t watch Mad Men (not yet, anyway), but I swooned when I saw this blue velvet headboard in one of the character’s bedrooms.   A headboard like that would get any girl in the […]

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Last weekend, I went with the family to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  It was a visual feast!  The colors, the scenery,  the clothes, and ideas – I was completely enchanted by it.  I have no doubt this film is already influencing tastemakers and trendsetters everywhere.

Color of the Year – Top Pick for 2010

This lovely turquoise color is Pantone’s color pick of the year for 2010.  What is Pantone, you ask?  Pantone is a longtime sage of the color spectrum. The company creates standardized color palettes used in the design, graphics, cosmetics and fashion industries. Every year, the Color Institute forecasts color trends that tint our everyday lives.  […]