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Can Your Kindle Do THIS???

It’s no secret I adore books.  Not just reading them, but using them as decor in my home and the homes of my clients.  They are such a great way to express your interests and your creativity.  Isn’t it ironic that coffee table books can be stacked to make a side table?

Rockefeller Center Storefront Display Winner

  Anthropologie, of course!  There is always a contest during the holidays in New York to see who is able to create the most fetching storefront.  The way Anthropologie merchandises and stages vignettes is super whimsical, sometimes bizarre, and always fun.  There’s usually a theme of sorts, or a few themes – that was certainly the case […]

How to Justify an Anthropologie Shopping Spree

  In the business of design one has to look, well, stylish.   If  I met new clients dressed like a shlump, they may have a difficult time taking my recommendations for updating their home seriously.  This is what I told myself when I decided to go try on some clothes at Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago.  

Amber Lighting, Shell Chandeliers, and Creative Copying!

Good morning!   A lot of us have trouble creating our own vignettes in our homes.  Sometimes it’s easier to just copy someone else’s.   And there’s NOTHING wrong with that.  But if you don’t have the exact accessories (or the money for those accessories!), think outside the box.  Professionals refer to this as being “inspired” by someone else’s work.  […]

Anthropologie London

On one of my rainy days in London last month, I had become rather lost in a part of the city I had not yet become familiar.  It was pouring cats and dogs.  I had been walking for miles of city blocks, making random turns at corners until I had no clue where I was.  […]

Inspiration from Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie.   I guess it’s the vintage-hip-bohemian vibe that draws me in.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I buy anything there except for the occasional little decor trinket.  The clothes are way too expensive for me, but I get so much decor and fashion inspiration by just perusing that store.  We’ll […]