Can Your Kindle Do THIS???

It’s no secret I adore books.  Not just reading them, but using them as decor in my home and the homes of my clients.  They are such a great way to express your interests and your creativity.  Isn’t it ironic that coffee table books can be stacked to make a side table?


There’s all kinds of ways to display and express yourself with books.  Books are art, don’t you agree?


This is one of my favorite images, probably because it incorporates 3 of my favorite things:  books, the color turquoise, and Anthropologie!


Experimenting with the way you display books can be an artistic statement – grouping by color always looks fabulous.


This is adorable – I am definitely creating a book Christmas tree next year, faux snow and all!


Kindle-schmindle.  Give me the REAL thing anyday.

Photo Credits:  DecOr, How About Orange, Julie Brainard, Apartment Therapy, Amused by Books.


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