Can Your Kindle Do THIS???

It’s no secret I adore books.  Not just reading them, but using them as decor in my home and the homes of my clients.  They are such a great way to express your interests and your creativity.  Isn’t it ironic that coffee table books can be stacked to make a side table?


There’s all kinds of ways to display and express yourself with books.  Books are art, don’t you agree?


This is one of my favorite images, probably because it incorporates 3 of my favorite things:  books, the color turquoise, and Anthropologie!


Experimenting with the way you display books can be an artistic statement – grouping by color always looks fabulous.


This is adorable – I am definitely creating a book Christmas tree next year, faux snow and all!


Kindle-schmindle.  Give me the REAL thing anyday.

Photo Credits:  DecOr, How About Orange, Julie Brainard, Apartment Therapy, Amused by Books.

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21 thoughts on “Can Your Kindle Do THIS???

  1. Callie Feyen says:

    You had me at “Can Your Kindle Do This?” I LOVE a post about how awesome the “real” books are! I have a “book coffee table” on the side of a chair in my living room, too.

    This a gorgeous blog, and I am your newest follower….can you give me some tips on how to make my blog adorable like yours? 🙂

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      gee thanks, callie! tips for blog, you ask? hmmm, spend 60 hours a week on it, drive your husband crazy with getting your plug-ins just right, obsess over details, and hire a full-time nanny. JUST KIDDING 🙂 actually, i just checked out your blog, and it is adorable!!! 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    Finally! Someone who shares my opinion about real books! We have PILES of books that are just waiting to be arranged by color once we have a full-wall bookshelf…in our new home, of course 🙂

  3. Kelly Berg says:

    Kristie – I just adore books, too. Especially the vintage ones. Personally, I find cookbooks to be the most interesting. I LOVE the cultural insight they provide. They are like flashbacks in time. Home design books aren’t bad either. 😉

    I soo want to make that xmas tree next year. How clever!

  4. Lee says:

    I am officially Nerdy – Geeky – whatever you want to label it. The books in my house are grouped according to the Dewey decimal system categories and alphabetically by author. If it makes it any worse my spices are also alphabetized.

  5. Terry says:

    LOL. Thought I was unique. My closet is also color-coded. And then I group things in kinds. Dresses, skirts, slacks, et cetera. And about my books. I have a three-piece wall unit. I group my books by size… with largest on either end, and the smaller books in the center, mixed in with decorator. And my coffee table books are them according to their placement. In my guest room (when I had a guest room) were vacation and holiday themed books. Books to take you away. On my deck are gardening and botanical books. Art books in the living room and so on, What can Kindle-Nook do for me? Not much. 🙂

  6. Terry says:

    Oh, I meant to say that Smaller books are in the center, mixed in with decorator accessories. And coffee table books are grouped according to their placement… dependent on the room. LOL. Always a perfectionist.

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