If you follow my blog, you know I love decorating with birds, nests, birdcages, and bird paraphenalia in general.  Well, I keep seeing birdcages everywhere!    Saw this one in a storefront in Green Hills Mall.

These birdcage wall decals take the place of artwork above this fabulous black upholstered sofa. 

What a lovely way to decorate a bare wall – painted wooden birdcages in any number of colors.

These hanging light fixtures are heavily influenced by the birdcage trend – especially with the bird-embossed candles inside them.

Do you notice how they are often grouped to create more impact?  Remember, an odd number of a thing is more pleasing to the eye – so group in threes or fives.

I snapped a photo of these birdcages I saw in an antique shop in London.  These particular ones  had an Asian flair. 

This vintage birdcage is a treasure I scored at my neighbor’s yard sale a few years ago.  It inspired a whole dinner theme, which I blogged about here.

I recently bought this large birdcage at a consignment store for a client.  We’ve been working on a “Flights of Fancy” themed bedroom for her young daughter, and I thought we could create a hanging light fixture out of this.  It looked pretty shabby chic before, in a worn butter yellow color.  It ended up being too large for the intended purpose, so I decided to keep it for myself – it’s hard to find decorative birdcages this large anymore!  Anyway, I painted it with Ralph Lauren’s Highgate from their Regency Metallics line (for another Regency Metallics project, look here).   I love how much bolder and more fun it is now.

Photo Credits:  Kristie Barnett (1,6-8), StyleHive, MoreWaysToWasteTime, PerfectBound, VeilTales.

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9 thoughts on “Birdcages

  1. RoAnn says:

    I don’t live in your area, but I would love to purchase some of the black metal birdcages that you used. The picture of the ones I like has three birdcages each with a candle with a picture of a birds on it. Please send me this info.

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