Frames Make Cheap Wall Art

Need some inspiration for inexpensive wall art?  You probably have a handful of mismatched frames laying around  your home.  Why not grab a can of spray paint and make something really fun happen?  While recently perusing a local decor shop, I snapped this photo of a grouping of frames what totally inspired me:

photo by Kristie Barnett


What unites those frames is chalkboard paint in place of the expected photo.   You could also gather disparate frames and spray paint them in a common color.



A common color or even similar tone unites a random group of photo frames.



Same thing with a cluster of mirrors.  See how this retail store uses both ideas:  random mirrors painted white and random picture frames painted black.



Does this give you ideas for grouping some other items for inexpensive wall art?  Please share your ideas with us!


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Sheila Zeller
9 years ago

Love these ideas, especially the black on black frames on wall! Very effective.

9 years ago

So true…my friend has them all over her entry which is 2 stories high and it looks fantastic. She bought them all at a local thrift store and spray painted them purple…I’ll have to take a picture someday! Hope you are well! Great post!

vanessa @ silly eagle books

Just bought a nice wooden frame at goodwill–thinking about where to hang it and what color to paint it….I need a few more, but it will be fun to collect them. 🙂

Kelly Berg
Kelly Berg
9 years ago

So funny – I’ve got some empty frames from recent estate sales hanging on the wall right now – waiting for me to tend to them. They do look oddly charming when unfilled.

9 years ago

The white on white hallway is very cool!! I wonder what all those white frames would look like on a strongly colored wall…

Kim Elkins
9 years ago

Thanks for the blog comment 🙂 Your posts are all so inspiring!

Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

I agree! You can have so much fun with a bunch of frames & a can of spray paint!

Warmly, Michelle

9 years ago

I especially like the images of white frames on the white walls. Great inspiration! Cindy

9 years ago

I love walls of many mirrors and frames and have done both in my house. All of these are great examples.

9 years ago

[…] Going for white is a classic option which will add crisp & sculptural edge to any room. The DIY process is really straightforward: 1.) wash dirt & grease from frames 2.) use a white base coat paint 3.) Finish off with paint in your favorite color…I found some pics over at NaturalHome&Garden to inspire DIY action! The pic of a finished hallway project was spotted over at TheDecorologist. […]

8 years ago

I am looking for an assortment of white frames just like the ones you have posted in the white hallway. Could you be of any help on where to find similar frames and sizes?

7 years ago

Hi, love your blog! It makes me so happy that I am not alone in my colour obsession. That said, I have to say I find the empty frame art thing so sad and tacky, and I’m shocked to see it here. Empty frames = anti-art. Boo.

poster frames
poster frames
6 years ago

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