Staged Nashville Home: Small Changes, Big Impact

I staged a home yesterday for sale and thought I’d share with my readers how small changes can make a big impact.  Most of the changes here involved removing and pairing down tired accessories and furnishings, then adding a few on-trend accessories.

Beautiful Brick Home for Sale by Realtor Jim Allen with ReMax in Brentwood, TN

This is how the entry looked prior to staging with The Decorologist:

Entry Before Staging

In the after, the buffet from the dining room was moved into this space and topped with an antique mirror from upstairs.  The mirror makes the entry look sooo much larger!

Entry by The Decorologist

Here is the great room before staging.

Great Room Before

I focused on pairing down the distracting accessories and creating a welcoming conversation area clustered around the room’s focal point – the fireplace.  Now there’s an open walkway to the kitchen, without walking right through the conversation area.

Great Room After Staging


Here’s another before of the living room:



And the after from the same angle:

After Staging


From the other direction:


And then, of course, “tah-dah!”  NOW you notice the amazing fireplace and architecture, don’t you?

Living Room After Staging

Here’s an arial shot of the space before staging:

Before Living Room

Even a cavernous room like this can be made to feel cozy and welcoming with the proper furniture arrangement.

After Staging


This is the dining room before staging:



For the after, we removed several plants and the buffet.  We also updated the artwork a bit and “loosened up” the formal dining area by pulling the chair out as if a casual dinner party was about to begin.


Dining Room After Staging

Another angle of the dining room before:


People can be easily intimidated by formal, fussy dining rooms.   Here I just simplified the window treatments and added a pretty table setting to make the space more welcoming.

Staged Dining Room


Shall we check out a couple of bedrooms?  This was the master bedroom before staging:

Master Bedroom Before

Everything matched in the bedroom, but I wanted to give it a slightly more contemporary look.  No major changes here, but the ones we made definitely took things up a notch.  Everyone wants their bedroom to feel like a luxury hotel suite, so posh bedding and more significant lamps were required.

Master Bedroom After

You know I love a good pillowscape, and a few special details!

Staged Bedroom

Now here’s the guest room before staging:

Guest Room Before


A few little changes make a big impact:

Guest Bedroom After Staging

Couldn’t you spend the night here?

Staged Bed


No new furnishings were needed for this staging;  in fact, this is a great example of how less is more.  Maybe this makeover will inspire you to make some small changes that make a big impact in your home!  Of course, you can always contact a Greater Nashville home stager like The Decorologist to do the work for you.   (If you want to view more of this house, check out The Decorologist FaceBook page this weekend.)

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9 years ago

what a great job you did !

Sheila Zeller
9 years ago

This is really great Kristie, and the kind of staging I so believe in. Your before/afters clearly demonstrate how effective switching things up can be ‘without’ having to buy new or rent. Just a question, did you work with the home owner(s) on the staging, or have an assistant/some one else work with you? Would love to chat a bit more about this… Thank you for sharing! Have a fantastic weekend. Sheila

Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

Awesome changes. This demonstrates how important staging is! I love the red accents that wake up the great room.

Warmly, Michelle

Sherry Daniele
Sherry Daniele
9 years ago

Amazing work, Kristie!
9 years ago

looks fantastic and what a difference it made!!!!!!!!! Can’t say enough!!!

9 years ago

I love seeing your before-and-afters. You do such a good job. It’s amazing how you were able to move the home out of it’s 1990’s vibe and into a more modern one without actually buying new furniture.

9 years ago

I love a good after, especially one where there is little spent. You really worked your magic here. The great room staged will sell that home. It really has beautiful architecture that was hidden by all the distracting elements.

LaJuana Gill
LaJuana Gill
9 years ago

Randy was so excited about your post that he called me over to look at it!

You’re awesome at what you do!

Maria Killam
Maria Killam
9 years ago

Sigh I need an assistant!! Beautiful job, I love the living room, wow and the entry. . . you are very talented Kristie!

Bonnie Toney
Bonnie Toney
9 years ago

Kristie, alot of peole have a love seat with their sofa. In this family room, would you have gotten rid of it or is there a place for it?

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