Hoot if You Love Owls

Owls were hot in the 1970’s along with that mysterious fungus, the mushroom.  We started seeing owls re-emerge in home decor and fashion a couple of  years ago.    And the owls just keep on coming.   If you ever check out Etsy, there are lots of arty people cranking out owl-themed products, like this beautiful teal owl pillow. owl pillow from annajoyce's shop on etsy

BlueNestDesigns-Set-of-4_771ACDA7 Is it nostalgia for the past?   Or just a new appreciation for those strange, noctural creatures?  HOOOO knows.   I just think they are super-cute.  Look at these owl coasters you can buy in bulk.

What a cool art block by SuZanna Anna. Owl Art Block by SuZanna Anna

Owl Clock by Blink Designs at Modamuse Owls are so wise, they can tell time on these artful clocks by Blink Design.

I love this delightful wrapping paper with an owl motif by Papaya Art.

owl wrapping paper by papayaart

Owl Prints from Ballard Designs These prints are available through Ballard Designs.

Kids love owls.  Or maybe it’s their moms that love owls, and it’s they who keep snatching up all the owl motif products out there!  I love this darling apple green beanbag from Cocoon Couture.  I wonder if my girls would like one for Christmas? bean bag by cocoon couture

inhabitots baby shirt

Oh, and babies love owls.  ( Do sound like I’m reading from a script from Elmo’s World now?)  I’m seeing owl motifs all over children and babies fashion, like this green owl onesie by Inhabitots.

How very cool is this purple owl shirt and leggings from Posh Little Princess? purple owl shirt from littleposhprincess

what a hoot appliques by wall murals for kids These owl stickers work in a nursery or a teen girl’s room.  You can find them at wallstickeroutlet.com.  I love how the arty people often do collage techniques with owls.  Not sure why they do that so much, but it looks really cool.

Owls are big in holiday decorating.   How cute would your Christmas tree look covered in felt owls like this one? polyvore's owl christmas tree decoration

Kristie Barnett's dark scary Halloween owl And owls are perfect for Halloween decorating.  I bring out all of mine this time of year!

Kristie Barnett's Halloween Chandelier with Owls

In mythology, the owl is a fierce creature, wise and omniscient.  Did you know there is an owl on every dollar bill?  What do you make of that? owl dollar via cremationofcare

washington_owl via cremationofcare

Conspiracy theorist – types have found owls in other interesting places and claim our forefathers purposely integrated the owl symbol for some mystic, maybe occultish, purpose.  Check out this map of Capitol Hill.

Well, that’s kinda freaky.  In spite of that creepy occult talk, I’d still love to have this sweet little owl purse.   Looks pretty harmless to me. ciccia owl coin purse

Well, that’s kinda freaky.  In spite of that creepy occult talk, I’d still love to have this sweet little owl purse.   Looks pretty harmless to me.

owl shoes by bc footware womens typhoon And look at these too-cute shoes.  They just can’t be evil.

Maybe our fascination with ’70s iconography has simply found a new focus on another motif of the time.   I don’t think those macrame hanging owls are going to be “in” anytime soon.  But, I’m just saying, who didn’t love Mr. Owl, who taught us how many licks it took to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?  Or Woodsy the Owl, who encouraged us to not litter? Woodsy the Owl by northernsun images

Kristie Barnett's Inspiration Owl Last April, my children found a baby screech owl that had fallen out of a nest.   That baby owl was the most amazing little creature I had ever personally encountered.  Have you ever seen one turn their head almost completely 360 degrees?  Wow.  I have never seen such beautiful eyes.  I even held it in my hand.  That experience just solidified my love for the owl.  Long live the owl.

Click on these thumbnails for more owl goodies.

Martha Stewart's Owl Halloween Clingitchyitchyickabod shirt for $15Owl from My Favorite Mirror


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4 thoughts on “Hoot if You Love Owls

  1. Andrea says:

    One of my fav posts so far, KB. Just last night while turning in for the night I heard an owl in the yard hooting. So beautiful. So spooky. Just hope that owl wasn’t about to dive for Scout The Cat…

  2. Tonia says:

    Please please please help me locate the suede loafers with the owl button. I had a pair and left them so much and cannot find them anywhere. ❤️

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