Christmas Candles

Who doesn’t love candles?  They’re calming, romantic, and natural.  And everyone looks better by candlelight!  Today I wanted to share some creative ideas for displaying candles during the Christmas season. holiday candles up the stairs via digsdigs

candles in fireplace via digsdigs Fill your firebox with winter greens, galvanized buckets and paint cans, pinecones, and candles.  Then sprinkle on some faux snow.  Winter wonderland!

Dress up candles with peppermint sticks, holly berries, and fern fronds.  Hang a mirror or silver tray behind a candle or two to reflect light. 

christmas candles with greenery via digsdigs

Candle vignettes can be created by nestling them in a wreath, surrounding them with nuts and berries, or floating them in a glass container with cranberries.

floating candle in cranberries via digsdigs

Silver and mercury glass are great reflectors of candlelight.    Candles that are shaped like pinecones or birch logs are naturally elegant.

mercury glass and christmas candles via digsdigs

log christmas candles via digsdigs

Make it a white Christmas by hanging tea lights, lining your wood stairs with candles in glass,  going heavy with the faux snow, and  clustering simple white votive candles on a silver tray.

christmas candles grouped on tray via digsdigs

Candles on tray via country living Nothing’s simpler than clustering taper candles on a round silver tray.  In this case, the folks at Country Living actually hot-glued the candleholders to the tray to create a fairly permanent set.  What an impact this would make as a centerpiece on a tabletop!

I find lots of candles at yard sales and estate sales for next to nothing.  Most of the time, they’ve never even been used!   Before your Christmas gatherings this year, pull out the candles laying in the back of your drawers and enjoy a little creative candlelight. vintage singers candles by anderson candles


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13 years ago

love this post. great ideas. my favs are the white christmas and those green globe candles with little collaged bits attached.

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