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The Big Crazy Green Rug in My Living Room and Welcome Mat Winners

I posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that I ordered a new rug online.  I was out of town on vacation last week and, even though I wasn’t ready to come home, it was exciting to know I’d get to come home to a brand new rug! That sounds so incredibly weird, but […]

Inside a Renovated Schoolhouse

I found this story about a renovated schoolhouse in the Catskills in Country Living.  The owners bought this 950 square foot beauty a few years ago for a mere $30,000.  It needed a lot of work, but wait until you see what they did:  

What You Can Do With an Ugly Basement

Do you have an ugly basement?  Think there’s no decorating hope down there?  Think again.  Here is a “before” shot of designer Annie’s Selke’s basement.