Inside a Renovated Schoolhouse

I found this story about a renovated schoolhouse in the Catskills in Country Living.  The owners bought this 950 square foot beauty a few years ago for a mere $30,000.  It needed a lot of work, but wait until you see what they did:


The owners were going for an English country feel in the diminutive living room.   They used green and black as the basis of their color palette. 


By using a limited palette of colors, you can mix patterns with wild abandon if you like!



I heart this fabulous kitchen – isn’t it fun?  It’s just so fresh and young. What a great plate collection!


This is the view from the other side of the kitchen.  Using large pieces of furniture in a small room creates the opposite effect you might expect – rather than feeling smaller, it actually makes it feel larger.


The upstairs is  made up of charming nooks and crannies.  Oops, watch your head at the top of the stairs! 



This grouping of flea market equestrian prints decorate the milk chocolate wall.


This sunny bedroom features a round window and built-in bookcases.  What a wonderful place to wake up to every morning.



Built-in drawers and cupboards in the knee-walls are essential when you live in a home without closets!


The owners added vintage charm to this bathroom with trellis wallpaper, decorative wainscotting, and a large pedestal sink.


Did I mention this home is a mere 950 square feet?   A lack of space is no excuse for not loving and living in the home of your dreams!  We would all do well to learn that lesson!

Photo Credits:  Country Living.


  1. ehalvey

    I love the colors. The vines are a little hokey in the hall, and the living room looks cramped with too much furniture. But the rest of the home is very pretty! Which I’m amazed to say since I usually don’t like country styles.

  2. Kelly, Arte Styling

    I adore this home. The use of color is so happy. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Andrea

    Gotta say — that living room does make me nervous — too much going on.

    BUT, that is a lovely milk chocolate paint…I mean, a *true* milk chocolate. A nice change from all the dark, dark chocolates. (I’m still so into browns in every way, though I know all is trending gray. I’m just not a gray gal.)

    Do I even need to say how much I love those plates in the kitch??? I heart plates everywhere. I have a problem. Another thing about the kitch, I realized I looooove kitchens where the room is built around the table. Does that make sense? Is there a name for that? Farmhouse? I know, I know, it is totally taboo not to have an island; it’s the way of the kitchen world these days (and is very functional and all, blah, blah, blah). And, I can’t make that work in my kitchen that is a big ole rectangle; too awkward. Boo.

    Built-in cabs and drawers in attic rooms make me sooooo happy. Ultra cozy.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Andrea – you might be happy to know that some color forecasters are talking about chocolate browns with red and orange undertones will drift back in by 2012 along with a trend that includes all things north or south american (think american indian, mexican, etc.). sounds like 1974 all over again, but it’ll be better i’m sure!

      the kitchen built around the table is definitely farmhouse. the table can act as an island – multifunctional!

  4. Lee

    I adore the English look – I’m such an anglophile – also love the plates in the kitchen! So tell me more about these picture frames just leaning against the walls everywhere. Is this ok? Is this some trend or just too many pictures and not enough wall? In magazines it seems to look casual but it would seem to look haphazard in real life…

    • Kristie Barnett

      Yes, Lee – I see that leaning picture thing often lately. I actually have a couple like that in my house, and an empty gilt frame leaning on the floor against the wall, as well. The trick is not overdoing it, and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t do it in the bathroom like they did!!!!!

  5. LaJuana Gill


    First let me say I LOVE the new look!

    Then let me say the paint by number canvas on the bathroom floor cracks me up. We have friends in California who collect the Mona Lisa paint by number canvases. They have at least 6 different artists renditions of the same paint by number all hung in one hallway. It is SO fascinating and fun!

    • Kristie Barnett

      I would love to see those Mona Lisas!!!! What a conversation starter, huh?

  6. Sherry

    Thanks for stopping by. Love your work and your job. So neat you live in a big enough city to have such a neat job. Our community would not support home staging. What fun that would be.

  7. Michelle @ Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust

    Hi Kristie, You’re adorable! And I LOVE your blog! Can’t wait ’til I can come back & read all the old posts. I enjoyed seeing this wonderful little cottage. Wish I had a vacation home where I could do something spectacular like this!

    Warmly, Michelle

  8. Shaana

    My hubby and I are finishing the attic in our 1890 home. We came across your pictures of this renovated schoolhouse and love it! We were wondering if you know what materials were used on most of the ceilings? Thanks!


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