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Which Decorating Trends Are “So Over” – And Do You Care?

I read a tiny article – and I do mean tiny, it was less than a quarter of a page – in Elle Decor last week that reveals what top designers believe are “over-and-done-with” decorating trends.  Let’s see if you agree or no:   Books as Decor    Annie Brahler   I’ve got so many books […]

Rockefeller Center Storefront Display Winner

  Anthropologie, of course!  There is always a contest during the holidays in New York to see who is able to create the most fetching storefront.  The way Anthropologie merchandises and stages vignettes is super whimsical, sometimes bizarre, and always fun.  There’s usually a theme of sorts, or a few themes – that was certainly the case […]

Animal House

I must admit, I have not always been a fan of animal prints – not in fashion and certainly not in decor.  But I really like the modern application I’m seeing lately of animal prints.   Like the zebra print in this yellow bedroom.   If it was the print of the bedspread, it may not have […]

Sex and the City

OK, I haven’t seen the new movie and I am not condoning the moral code of any of the characters therein.  That being said, everyone talks about how Sex and the City is all about the fashion.  Well, the people involved in Sex and the City have some seriously inspiring interior design going on, as well.  This […]