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Are Y’all Ready for Fall? Cozy Hilltop Retreat Before and Afters

I must tell you – I always go kicking and screaming into fall.  I prefer sunny skies and warm weather, which is one of the reasons I live in the South!  But here we are, smack dab in the middle of the fall season.  I might as well make the best of it, so today […]

Christiana’s Autumn Styling

  My friend Christiana opened her home to let me photograph the lovely ways she warms up her space for fall.  She loves to make special seasonal changes that reflect her creativity and her love of home and family.     Christiana uses inexpensive burlap to add texture to the drapery panels she creates.  She lined these […]

Decorating for the Fall

Need some ideas for fall decorating?  Here are a few to jumpstart your creative juices: A wreath is classic.  Experiment with materials such as leaves, wheat, or feathers.   You don’t even have to hang a wreath – why not use it as part of a centerpiece on your table?  Use it to encircle a large […]

Warm Up Your Living Room for Fall

I admit it.  I know the trees look pretty, but I hate this time of year.  Shorter, darker days.  Dropping temperatures.  Heavy, itchy clothes.  Summer’s more my thing.  What I do like is warming up rooms for fall.  Adding color, laying in some pattern, and layering texture can really add warmth as the temperature drops.   […]