Are Y’all Ready for Fall? Cozy Hilltop Retreat Before and Afters

I must tell you – I always go kicking and screaming into fall.  I prefer sunny skies and warm weather, which is one of the reasons I live in the South!  But here we are, smack dab in the middle of the fall season.  I might as well make the best of it, so today I wanted to share some befores and afters that illustrate how cozying up your home can give you the perfect place to curl up on a crisp fall morning with a hot cup of coffee. 

lodge log cabin decorating



At the beginning of the project, my client knew she wanted new furnishings more in keeping with the larger home she and her family had purchased the year before.  However, she had already painted the main area in several colors and still was not satisfied with her choice.  




The yellow-gold was one of her favorites from a previous home, but it didn’t really relate well enough to the very prominent, stacked stone fireplace.  The color palette looked very primary – yellow, red, blue.




Not only is this client very sensitive to color, but she’s also sensitive to lighting conditions.  Much like myself, she needs lots of natural light or she can begin to feel a bit gloomy.  The challenge was to find the right color that felt warm and cozy (which she wanted) but didn’t hamper the natural light in the space (which she needed).  We finally agreed on a medium green-gold that related better to the stone fireplace and gave the space a more current color palette.

rustic traditional stone fireplace living room



More than just the paint color changed here.  A vibrant new rug, a pair of leather sofas, and a gorgeous oval coffee table grace the great room, all centered on the commanding stone fireplace.  If you have dark leather upholstery in a space, it’s important to choose a bright rug to anchor it and light-colored pillows so that you don’t end up with a big brown hole in the middle of your room.

rustic stone fireplace



Who wouldn’t want to curl up on this sofa in front of a roaring fire and read a decorating magazine or latest novel?  And notice that child-size chair to the left of the fireplace – we chose a fabric that tied in but didn’t compete with the rug.

providence olive stone fireplace



A large bowl of pinecones adds to the autumn ambiance.  The bookcases are backed with dark barn wood, and we layered in all the clients’ family treasures to create a story that reflects the history of people who live here.

warm rustic designer living room



Clocks, books, blue pottery, and family photos are among the many collections that we were able to group and display in the bookcases.

bookcases with barn wood and antiques



My client ordered the petite embroidered pillows online, and we chose fabrics and trim to create these custom pillows that help cozy up the leather sofas.

designer pillows



I got to accessorize to my heart’s content with the antique books and collectables she had in abundance. 

sofa table



Here’s what we did in the adjoining breakfast room.  I absolutely loved creating the plate grouping of my client’s gorgeous blue transferware collection.

providence olive blue transferware



It’s all about the details in this home.  This is the baker’s rack I staged in a corner of the breakfast room. 

transferware cookbooks bakers rack



If this isn’t comfy and cozy, I don’t know what is.  I think the pup certainly agrees!

leather sofa


Do you change your decor to cozy up for the fall season?  What do you add to your decor to warm up your space?  Stay tuned for the before-and-after of this home’s master bedroom in an upcoming post.

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25 thoughts on “Are Y’all Ready for Fall? Cozy Hilltop Retreat Before and Afters

  1. Rebecca says:

    THANK YOU ! Such a timely post. I’m a transplanted Southerner (born & raised in the South, now living in the upper Midwest) and I am always dread winters here. My family just purchased an older but much bigger home, with a similar set up (big family room with windows, brick center fireplace, adjoining breakfast room). With all of the gray that is popular now, I’m determined to avoid the gray on gray on gray color palette and keep the rooms warm and cozy year round. THANK YOU for the inspiration!!! I’m thinking English Cottage if I can pull it off.

  2. Sarah says:

    Excellent! Bravo! I ADORE fall, and as a big-time homebody, this expresses what I love so much about it: natural color, coziness, and coming together. Kristie, you really need to like fall more. C’mon — low humidity!!! I just love those clear blue skies. You have my permission to dislike winter, though. 😉 In the South (no snow) it can strike me as drab.

  3. applehillcottage says:

    This is lovely. I have a cinnamon colored leather couch (which I like) but I can never get the pillows to stay upright. I notice the puppy lying on two — that’s what mine always look like, pet on the couch or not…Any tips?

  4. Elayne says:

    The before and after are amazing, as usual! I’ll be busy spending my fall yearning for brown leather sofas now. 😉 Where did you all get those, if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks for sharing your talents!

  5. Elaina Hall says:

    My favorite part of the “after” is the use of standard color/look leather sofas. It seems like the use of the brightly colored rug, Delft china, and lots of texture make the look much richer-looking. I’m curious about how to do this with a white leather sofa?

  6. Susanne says:

    This is a challenging area to set up(in my opion anyway). You done a fantastic job. Working with leather sofa’s can be a challenge as well (in my opinion) but you nailed this room. The new wall color, furniture/accessory placement and area rugs are fantastic.
    I got the idea from your blog to have 2 sofas in my living room and it turned out fantastic. I ended up going to gray town. Painted my living room/dining room an hall way Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and it is a very neutral gray that goes with anything. Not dark or dreary at all. I kept my blue porcelain pieces (like your client has) and worked them into my new design. Blue and white accessories just always seem to work. To cozey up, I like to change out my comforter/duvet cover on the master bed. I also pull out some of my fall cermaic pumpkins until the Chrimstmas tree goes up. I love to change out throw pillows as well.

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