How to Create A Maine Cottage Dining Room

When the folks at Maine Cottage asked me to put together a room using their furnishings and accessories, I began the room’s concept  with a COLOR SCHEME.  Imagine that!  You knew I’d start with that, didn’t you? At the Maine Cottage website, you can shop by color, by room, or even by fit (depending on your size!).  I decided on a dark backdrop to anchor the fun colors of Maine Cottage:  Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue.


Van Deusen Blue HC-156


I wanted to create a dining room with Maine Cottage furniture to show my readers how delightful a colorful dining room can be.   Who says dining rooms have to be all stained wood?  Certainly not me.  At Maine Cottage, they create handmade, cottage style wood painted and upholstered furniture well-suited for coastal living – but you don’t have to live on the coast to appreciate the fresh look their furniture can bring to any home.  I started with the warm and casual Barn Wood Table:

maine cottage barn wood table

Maine Cottage Barn Wood Table



You know how I love to mix dining room chairs to create an interesting and inviting table.  First, I chose a pair of  Jill Dining Room chairs in China Blue Hotty Dotty fabric for the ends of the table.  Maine Cottage has a great fabric selection so that the chairs you choose look custom!

maine cottage jill dining chair

Maine Cottage


Then I chose some painted wood chairs.  Maine Cottage has many styles to choose from, and I chose a handful of Easton dining chairs in Marine.  This color is really similar to the paint color I chose for the walls of the room.

maine cottage easton dining chair

Easton Dining Chair



One more major piece for my dining room – a sideboard with lots of storage for dishes and table linens.  I chose Maine Cottage’s Large Island Buffet in Sun.  This pop of color is going to be fabulous against the dark blue paint color on the wall.  I grabbed a Big Round Bay Mirror in the same color to top the buffet, too.

maine cottage island buffet

 maine cottage mirror



Ok, now a pair of Gertie wood lamps to tie in with the table, some fresh art, and a custom-sized Waypoint wool rug finishes off my vision of a fun and inviting Maine Cottage dining room.

 waypoint striped wool rug

Waypoint Wool Rug



The thing I love about Maine Cottage is that you can choose from so many different colors to create a room in your favorite color combinations.  So here’s the Dining Room Inspiration Board incorporating all the items I chose for the room:

OB-Maine Cottage Dining Room


Is this the dining room you’ve been dreaming of?  You’re welcome to copy it exactly, if you want. If not, check out Maine Cottage to create your own custom look with tons of color and fabric options plus quality construction.  Thanks so much to Maine Cottage for sponsoring this post and giving me reason to create another fun Inspiration Board!  Hop on over and “like” them on Facebook for more decorating ideas.


  1. Kelly

    Sooooo pretty! Love the colors. My colors! Maine Cottage has exceptional furniture and customer care. Love the upholstered chairs so much! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend Kristie!

  2. Patti

    Have you ever been in a Maine cottage dining room? Doesn’t look like it.

    • Kristie Barnett

      I’m not sure what you mean, Patti. “Maine Cottage” is the name of the company where all the furniture you see is found.

  3. Susanne

    Very nice! I would really like to see you do a room that does not have any blue in it. I know I love blue too so it would be a challenge to me as well.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Most spaces I’ve done over the last year have included blue in the scheme – if not spa blue, navy or cobalt, or greeny-blues. Blues are hugely popular, and most my clients want SOME blue in their rooms. That being said, there are examples of rooms without any blue on the blog if you dig around a bit for them 😉

  4. Beth

    My daughter’s bedroom has been painted this color for three years, and we still love it.

  5. Jane Dagmi

    How fun is that — to play around with Maine Cottage’s fun furniture. Also, I love Van Deusen blue (used it recently in an RV redesign). Now I want to see the room actually executed!

  6. Lee

    very pretty – but why is a company from Maryland called “maine” cottage?

    • Kristie Barnett

      Russell & MacKenna purchased Maine Cottage in 2011, which is based in Annapolis in Maryland. It wouldn’t have been wise to change the name of an established company at that point 🙂

  7. Delanicole

    So, so pretty indeed. I love the color of the sideboard


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