Bella Rustica Barn Sale

(If you’d like to find out about the 2012 Bella Rustica Sale, click here)

Last Friday I attended a fantastic barn sale, full of vendors of vintage and upcycled vintage creations.  Located on the grounds of a historic farm property in Franklin, TN (right outside of Nashville), Bella Rustica  gathered dozens of artists and shopowners under the roof of this red barn and another huge tent.


Bella Rustica Barn Sale

Shabby, rustic, and completely glamorous linens and fabrics draped the interior of the massive tent.

Shabby Glam Linens

Burlap was EVERYWHERE, even on lampshades.   Vintage photography and typography were also big hits at the sale.

Burlap & Vintage Photos

Vintage wares and modern art looked right at home in this tableau.  How ’bout that crazy vintage bottle tree???

Vintage Wares at Bella Rustica

Guess you can’t have a flea market anywhere near Nashville and and NOT sell cowboy boots.  I swear, half the women there were wearing them topped with gauzy layered skirts and vintage-inspired blouses.

Cowboy Boots

You have to know the Franklin area to fully appreciate this, but the whole vibe of this sale was definitely a rich girl’s version of country.  I can totally see Taylor Swift wearing this peach frock!  I assure you, most country gals could not have afforded it.

Vintage-Inspired Clothing by Raine from Vignette

Vintage suitcases are still all the rage – so glad I already have at least a dozen of my own.  I really would have loved to buy this electrified candlebra, but I had my sites set on a few other things.

Vintage Luggage is Still Hot

I *heart* this vintage bicycle built for two!!!  Have you ever seen anything so crazy cool?

Daisy, Daisy . . .

This was an expected surprise – Vampires LOVE barn sales!  Wish I had this beauty when I threw that Twilight Dinner Party a few years back!

Vintage Edward Cullen

I almost had a hissy fit when I spied the teeny-tiny vintage trailer of my dreams!  Her name is Heidi, and her owners rent her out on occasion for parties and such.

My Teeny-Tiny Dream!

I’ve had this little dream for the past ten years or so of owning my own little vintage trailer.   My designer friend, Jennifer Reynolds, just facebooked that she is designing one of these babies for a client.  JEALOUS.

 Interior of Vintage Trailer

Wondering what I bought at the barn sale?  Look at this upcycled vintage necklace – love at first sight!  And I had to snag this miniature birdsnest.

Vintage Upcycled Necklace

I guess I’m a sucker for vintage jewelry.  I also bought this vintage rhinestone choker and this fabulous one-of-a-kind bracelet.  The artist made this from a huge vintage rhinestone brooch, and it is absolutely stunning.

Vintage Jewelry

This was my total haul.  The vintage purse must have belonged to a 1970’s cowgirl – too cute for words.


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the sale – the setting, the vendors, the wares, the staging were nothing short of inspiring.  And the proceeds went to a great cause – Agape, which serves the needs of families and children in Middle Tennessee through adoption, foster care, unplanned pregnancy support services, and faith-based counseling.  I’d say it was a win-win!

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Paula Doelling-Lynn
9 years ago


This post was really well-written, big shock, though!! You’re a tremendous writer and love your finds here.
In Northwest Indiana we’ve got lots of barn shops, but nothing as extravagant and lovely as this.
I like the little trailer concept. Kinda like a the Travelin’ Decorologist.

Great post.

8 years ago

Hello! I live in Nashville and re upholstery fun chairs! Where might I find a great place like a barn sale to sell them? Please help, these are really cool!

9 years ago

That looks absolutely awesome! It’s like the flea market of my dreams on steroids! Too cool!!

Donna Frasca
9 years ago

You know what they say, “One mans trash … is a lucky find for you!” I’ve been to some amazing estate sales in Pittsburgh (FYI – old city = antiques) and bought a 1920’s DR table and 6 chairs for only $300! Great find!

Hannah Dee
9 years ago

OK, I’ve actually been in Franklin, I can’t believe it! I have a very good friend who lived there, in fact, her parents still do and I’m absolutely obsessed with the amount of amazing antiquing and flea markets around there. The prices are so much better than here in the Northeast. Not to mention, really great barbecue.

9 years ago

That looked like a lot of fun!!! I love going to things like that. So jealous 😉 I have been wanting to buy a pair of cowboy boots for sometime now. I think I might just have to do it 😉 with Fall right around the corner. Not the living in South Florida gives you a Fall, but I can pretend… XoXo

CJ Hughes
CJ Hughes
9 years ago

Hey thanks for the mention, the trailer’s name is Hazel. It was her first show and I think she drew a lot of attention, I think one of the vendors is going to rent her for her little girl’s cupcake party. If anyone is interested you can learn more about her here: she is owned by my wife’s company we were the first vendor in the barn on the right. ~ CJ

9 years ago

Perfect setting. Wish I had been there! Love the vignettes and vintage jewelry.

8 years ago

I have a barn sale in May 16th–18th 2013. Would love for you to come. The Hayloft. Find me on Facebook !  Clarksville, TN

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plumbing contractor in dulwich
8 years ago

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mary burleson
5 years ago

HI, Are you having any barn sales in the future. I own a boutique called Euphoria Boutique that I travel with and do trunk shows. I also have a store front located in Knoxville Tennessee. My shop is inside the Shoppes at The Southern Market in the Homberg area in Knoxville. I carry women’s clothing that is BoHo Chic in style and accessories that are handmade. I would love to be a vendor in the next upcoming barn sale. I would love to hear from you.

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