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Containers That Conquer Clutter

Ok, time for a few more tips for getting your clutter under control.  There’s just no way around it – you can’t make it pretty if you can’t get ahold of the clutter.   So, pretty containers help!  HomeGoods carries pretty fabric-covered containers that match many decor styles.

Stylish Storage

Good Monday to you!  Are you ready to see some stylish storage?  Get ready to be inspired to organize!  How do you like this fancy little cabinet?  It’s a simple generic set of drawers that’s been dressed up with a fancy stencil.  Very clever.

Organizing with Shelves and Bookcases

Shelves and bookcases are a great place to get your clutter and decorative objects up and out of the way.  Here are some great ideas for keeping these areas organized and clutter-free.  This small bookcase is outfitted with a bucket per family member to stow their things.  Notice the name tags?  Paint bookcase and buckets […]

Feedback Time! and Last Chance to Win My December Prize Give-Away!

Just two days left to sign up to win my December Give-Away!  Simply sign up for email alerts when I post a new article and be eligible to win a set of  5 IKEA glass votive holders with pink detailing.  I will draw a winner from my blog followers on New Year’s Day and let you […]

Living A Balanced Life in Your Home

You want to make your house a home?  A place that soothes and comforts you and your family?  A place of order, beauty, and wonder?  I’ve got a few thoughts for you to ponder. You gotta live in your WHOLE house.  There’s nothing sadder than a lonely room.  Spending time in each room in your house […]