Feedback Time! and Last Chance to Win My December Prize Give-Away!

Just two days left to sign up to win my December Give-Away!  Simply sign up for email alerts when I post a new article and be eligible to win a set of  5 IKEA glass votive holders with pink detailing.  I will draw a winner from my blog followers on New Year’s Day and let you know if you’ve won! ikea votive holders

color coordinated books via dk-transformation

Just to give you a bit of a preview, I plan to talk a lot about organizing and editing our possessions in January.   This blog is a little over 5 months old now, and I am still learning how to make it both fun and educational for all of you.  I covet your feedback – please let me know what kind of articles you enjoy most and which Categories appeal to you, as well as what I might do differently or include in this blog.   Would you like more photos, how-to information, before and afters, ideas for entertaining, home tours, decor resources?  I really want to know what you think!


  1. Dianne Tant

    love having such great photos…

  2. Dianne Tant

    I love your photos…

  3. Amy

    I’m really looking forward to the organizing and editing possessions posts!! While I love all of your posts (because I do learn something with each post, and, after a while it just starts to sink in) the ones that help me most are those that include very basic “how-to” info. Keep up the good work — you do inspire!!!

  4. robbie

    i love before and afters — especially the ones you’ve done yourself. and DIY ideas too.

  5. Karen

    I like looking at all of it. Just wish I had time to put some of the ideas together in my house.

  6. Leif

    I like “design on a dine” ideas. Where you take something ordinary and make is extraordinary. I get sad at the thought of having to purchase new things:(

    I love the way you show your readers how incorporate what they already own and make it new and updated. Photos and websites are always a treat and inspiring. I usually go to the links you attach. You are doing a great job and I love it!

  7. Lee

    I also appreciate the basic “how to” ones. I’ve been a home owner for nearly 20 years but it still feels like “college apartment” decorating.

  8. Jen C.

    i’m gonna echo amy and robbie–i love the how-to/DIY entries that show me that i could actually do it, too. and i love the themed entries (i’m thinking of the gift wrapping one in particular), where you take a basic concept and show so many different ways of executing it. and i appreciate that you incorporate so many styles…i personally love that you always have a modernist example. 😉

  9. kristiebarnett

    Thank you so much for your input, ladies! I will keep all of these in mind as I plan new blog posts. It is so helpful to get your input!

  10. Andrea

    kb — i would love a post on the elephant in the room…the tv. I am enthusiastically embracing all the designers who are *finally* accepting it is a way life for most and not just dismissing it as something to be hidden. but over the fireplace? no. a mantle is too pretty. and i don’t want a sore neck. And pick one — either have a fire, or watch tv, people. give us some good design ideas, please!

  11. ehalvey

    I LOVE the color-coded bookcase! I tried to do the same thing in my living room on a smaller scale (I don’t have as many books so the shelves are more minimal). I’m in Nashville as well-would love to know where you find such wonderful furniture.

  12. Lavender

    I love your blog and the personal style of your own home posted on apartmenttherapy. Absolutely lovely. Since you’ve asked for our comments, I thought I might suggest one thing. I’m a colourist and I would love to see the “pinkish” colour of this blog changed to something less related to weak chocolate milk. It fights some of the lovely photos that you’ve posted.

    Hope I haven’t misspoken.

  13. kristiebarnett

    Thank you for your honest input – do you have a suggestion for the background color? What color do you think might be preferable? Thanks for checking out my blog.


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