Organizing with Shelves and Bookcases

Shelves and bookcases are a great place to get your clutter and decorative objects up and out of the way.  Here are some great ideas for keeping these areas organized and clutter-free.  This small bookcase is outfitted with a bucket per family member to stow their things.  Notice the name tags?  Paint bookcase and buckets to match decor and tuck this cutie near the door.

Create an office space by plopping a desk right in front of a bookcase.  Keeping colors consistent keeps visual clutter to a minimum.

 I remember first seeing this picture a few years ago.  This is genius – two bookcases hinged and set in an l-shape.  Instant office or craft station that folds up to cover the clutter when not in use.  But frankly, why would you close something this pretty?

 This media cabinet was created with a bunch of modular cubes.  Simply stack and create a shape that suits your needs, screw together, add some feet.  Oh, and paint to coordinate with your decor.

 An old step ladder is outfitted with old iron grates to create a lovely handmade bookcase.

Need to store some ugliness in your bookcase?  Why not put some canvas shades over the messy areas?  Cut canvas to fit, leaving enough room to hem three edges and leave a 1-inch rod pocket.  Thread rod pocket with short tension rod and insert.  Messy covered!

Use lots of pretty colored boxes.  Stack them up, use them as bookends, use their color to create a pleasing scheme.  Make sure you label them so that you can quickly find what you’ve stored in them.

Stay tuned for more pretty ways to keep your spaces organized!



 Photo Credits:  BHG (1st, 2nd, and 5th), Martha Stewart (3rd and 4th),  James Baigrie (6th),  Real Simple (7th).




  1. Heather

    these are really great! im all over that hinged bookcase and the image of the leaning ladder with the wire basket.

  2. Cindi

    OK I have gotten SO many ideas from this! Thanks!! Especially that hinged bookcase thing. I am going to do that and send you before and after’s, of my efforts!! perfect idea for small spaces!!!!

  3. Chelle

    Ahhhhh!! I must not read any more right now. My heart is racing, pounding, I MUST create. I MUST! What to do? Where to start? I better clean the kitchen floor so I can start in here. Calm down, I need to focus, Oh but you have sparked a fire!

  4. Lauren

    Just found your site and boy am I glad! Thanks so much for sharing your brilliant ideas!


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