Ever Thought of Hanging Art Here?

Boring bookcases?  Want to add some interest?  Hang a piece of your favorite art on the exterior frame of the bookcase.  Here are some examples:









I saved the best for last:  my Euro Trash girl, Annie Brahler’s home!



Photo Credits:  Elle Decor , Martha Stewart, Apartment Therapy, Eileen Evans (4-6),   EuroTrash.

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7 thoughts on “Ever Thought of Hanging Art Here?

  1. LaJuana Gill says:

    These are a visual feast for the eyes! I know that digital books are the wave of the future, but for now, nothing makes me feel more at home than books and pictures. Thanks, Kristie, for filling my bucket.

  2. Kelly, Arte Styling says:

    Funny – I always love the look of artwork hung on the exterior of a bookshelf, but then I wonder about the functionality of it. How will I get to all my precious books??? In this house, we need every last inch of bookshelf space! Looks pretty, though. 🙂

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