Old House Musings

I recently spent some time touring an old home to help determine if it was worth restoring.  I’m a sucker for an old house with a story to tell, so I thought I’d share this one with you today.




Everything was near original – down to the 1940’s paint colors. There were three beautiful fireplaces with original tile surrounds, original windows, and a pretty horrible original bathroom.  There had once been coal stoves to help heat the small home.  There were several small handpainted metal covers placed over the holes where the old stovepipes fit into the wall.





Two elderly women had lived in it for many, many years and had been unable to keep up any kind of maintenance.   The roof had been leaking badly for so many years and, apparently,  the ladies just shut off the upstairs and let it rain up there.  The ceilings had fallen in on the second floor and water stained the walls in teary streaks.  Hardwood floors had been covered over in old sheet lino in the 1950’s.  The air conditioning units had not been operable for over a decade, and the ladies had lived like destitute recluses for the last years of their lives.  






I am captivated by wonder when I see an old house like this.  Who lived here?  What were they like?  How did the home look in its heyday?  I can imagine old music being played by the man of the house in wingtip shoes and brillo-ed hair.  Biscuits being rolled on a marble slab by a lovely lady with bright red lipstick and a frilly apon.  Marbles being rolled across the crooked floors by little boys in plaid button-down shirts and dollies being groomed by pig-tailed little girls in short dresses.  A family sitting in front of a crackling fire listening to their favorite radio program.  I’ll let you look around on your own so that you can imagine for yourself . . . 



























Maybe there’s something a little odd about walking down a memory lane that doesn’t exist in your own memory.  But I just can’t help myself.  Sometimes I dream of a life rescuing a romantic old house I stumble upon, lovingly restoring it to its former glory, living  the life I “remember” in my imagination, then going on to the next abandoned and forgotten piece of architectural history and starting once again.   And in case you’re wondering . . . yes, I think this one’s worth restoring.



The haunting quality of this home makes me wistful and nostalgic for something not of my own time.  What about you?





  1. Dianne Tant

    I think you were born in the wrong Decade! the house is wonderful..

  2. leif

    Best post by far. I went on a journey through the photos aware of every detail. Beautiful. A home is one of the visual representaions of our life. I love it. Since I have saved two houses in my day, this one needs to be brought back to life and lived in well! Can’t wait till the next post. Have a great Sat.!

  3. Stacy

    It is beautiful! Definitely worth restoring. I hope someone will lovingly bring it back to its former glory.

  4. Michelle

    Definitely a haunting quality about this old place, which is enhanced by the doll on the mantel. Made me think of a large, neglected home where I once searched for estate sale treasures. I couldn’t help feeling sad that all its contents were now lined up for strangers to scurry through.
    But in an upstairs bedroom, I noticed decades-old lines and dates written on the sides of the closet door frames to serve as growth charts. It was such a vivid reminder that vibrancy and growth and life were once a part of that home – and could be again.

  5. Kathy

    I bet you and I are best friends! I love going through old houses, and I really enjoyed seeing this one. Thanks for the tour, and I hope you’ll post pictures after you’ve restored it.

  6. Chelle

    My kids are playing some game in the other room, the music is slightly scary. The music is actually perfect for looking at these pictures. One of them just yelled, “I think I see a ghost”.

    I typically think about ghost stories when I see a home like this.

  7. LaPriel

    Oh, wow! I feel just like you. There are some great details in this old home!
    Thanks for sharing.


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