Spring is the Time for Makeovers

Spring is the time for makeovers – room makeovers, wardrobe makeovers, yard makeovers, and Better Homes and Gardens Makeovers issue!

better homes and gardens makeovers magazine

Better Homes and Gardens Makeovers 2016 edition

Why am I so excited about this issue?

Well, probably because one of my makeovers is in it!

benjamin moore chantilly lace


If you see the magazine on the news stand while you’re in line to pay for groceries, make sure to check out pages 22-25.

kristie barnett interior designer

I kinda love to see my name in the index of decorating magazines!

The actual photoshoot took place last spring at my client’s home in Nashville, and although they photographed several rooms, we didn’t know what they were going to feature in the magazine. Here are some shots I took at the time:

entry table

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23 



dining room and entry

table linens and slipcovers by Ruffled Linens

mason jars

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52


painted piano



blue and white bedroom design

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173

You’ll notice the color scheme throughout is consistently variations of whites and blues, right?

blue and white modern farmhouse

Ruffled Linens on Etsy

A bit different than it appears in the magazine. You see, depending on the story the magazine wants to tell or the features they want to focus on, photo stylists often bring in props that support that story or feature. Here’s what the front yard looked like when I arrived the morning of the shoot:

styling props in front yard


Just a bit chaotic, right? I’ve been involved in several magazine photo shoots now, and every one has been a bit different. I’ve had some where there is very little adjustment in decor and styling and some where a bit more strategic styling was used to emphasize certain aspects of the home or design. But this one? Well, the styling really changed the whole look.

pops of color in white room


This was a before-and-after story about painting out dark features white, and the magazine wanted to invigorate the white with pops of color. Many pops of color. I have learned that in most magazine shoots, stylists want to lighten up the firebox. They bring in something like the driftwood they used on this shoot, or else light birch logs (which were brought on a photo shoot of my home last year).

If you’ll notice, many magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV are featuring VERY intense and saturated colors. I’ve noticed that HGTV does a lot of digital color enhancement of their shots to make them really pop. Even more reason to be careful about assuming that copying the paint colors listed in magazines will give you in the same effect in your own home – sometimes they are really off!

This is the second national magazine my projects have been featured in 2016, and I’ve got two more coming this summer and this fall (they’ve already been shot).

magazines featuring the decorologist


I swear, if you had told me this kind of stuff would be happening to little ole me a decade ago, I would have asked if you’ve been smoking crack! I’m very thankful to be able to do the work that I’m doing and to get this kind of exposure for doing it.

And it all started with a 3-day home staging course I took a dozen years ago. That’s when my own personal “makeover” began. Since then I learned and experienced so much, and I’ve often thought, “I wish some book had told me this,” or “I wish someone would have taught me that.” 

Now I am teaching all those things I wish I had known when I started to women eager to start the career they have always dreamed of (but never thought they could have)! My next course is March 9-11, 2017, and a third of the seats are already booked. June is a beautiful time to visit Nashville and design your life the way you choose – find out more by clicking the image below:

Expert Psychological Stager Logo


Maybe it’s your turn for a life makeover – I hope you can join us!



  1. Joey

    That is a beautiful layout, and no less than I’ve come to expect from you. I’m so disappointed I haven’t got my new issue yet! Great work!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you so much! They sent it to me in the mail, so it’s possible it isn’t quite out yet!

  2. Kim Hume

    That’s so awesome, Kristie!! What an inspiration you are, and what a gift you give as you empower women to overcome fear and pursue the career they’ve always dreamed of! A true blessing, that’s what you are!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      What an incredibly kind thing to say – I loved getting to know you in the staging training. You are a rising star, and I love to see what you are doing in your business!!!

  3. Kelly

    Hooray! That is so wonderful Kristie! So happy for you my friend!!

  4. Leilani W

    I have been following you for probably 3 years now (No, I think even more because I actually found you when I googled Little House on the Prairie party ideas and fell in love with the great ideas you had for your own daughters party!! That was when my now 12 year old daughter was turning 7 or 8! Time flies!) I’ve since had 2 LHOTP parties for both of my daughters – they were fabulous – and love your decorating advice. I’m so happy you were recognized like this. You have an amazing talent and I’m proud that you were recognized. Way to go. Great hard work gets us somewhere. I like feeling that you are down to earth (bargain hunter) and professional (straight shooting with the advice) and show grace when under pressure (looming deadlines). Thanks for staying true and helping guide me in decorating and sprucing up my own home. Very proud of you, Leilani W.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Oh my goodness, Leilani, thank you so much for writing to me! I really appreciate the kind things you said, and am so glad reading the blog has been helpful to you. I sure do miss doing those themed birthday parties – the Little House one was one of my favorites, makes me want to cry thinking of it. My girls are now 16 and almost 12, so they don’t want the themed parties anymore. I just guess I’ll have to wait for grandchildren 😉 xoxo

  5. Ruby Cooper

    How exciting! I love seeing your work published!

  6. Laurel Bern

    Hi Kristie,

    How fabulous! So happy for you! They did a terrific job AND they spelled your name correctly. haha. Love the shot of the beautifully styled blue-gray piano. Did you paint that too? Me thinks the answer is yes. It’s so pretty painted. I would gladly just paint everything! Oh wait. I did do that!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Laurel! Yes, I convinced her to paint that orangey wood piano. It took awhile before she was convinced, but she finally went through with it. I love it, and thankfully she’s really pleased with how it came out 🙂

  7. Dana Tucker

    Kristie, this is amazing!!! I’ve actually seen this house in person and it is amazing. Love, this feature!! Proud of you girl!!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Are you sure you’ve seen this house in person?? Fill me in on the connection! Slipcovers?

  8. Gina

    This is so exciting, Kristie!! Congratulations!

  9. Pat Bowlby

    Thank you for making Nashville proud!

  10. Mary CC from CA

    Your immense talent and kindness got you where you are today Kristie ! You have opened those doors by being the wonderful person you are. Everything you do, shows how much you care about your work. Life happens at home for most of us, and by making homes beautiful, you are setting the stage for happiness and great memories. Kudos and congrats on the BH&G Spring Makeover publication !!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Mary, you are precious for saying that! I have been very fortunate, and I must be honest in saying it’s more about lots of hard work than it is talent!!! But thank you for thinking so 🙂

  11. Nicki

    Hey, Kristie! I loved this post; makes me wanna run out and buy that magazine! (Well, I call them maga-books now, since some can be pretty expensive, lol) Congratulations on all the exposure you’re getting — it is well-deserved! Yours is one of the only decorating blogs I still subscribe to. Keep up the good work!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you so much, Nicki! I appreciate you still reading 😉

  12. Debbie Hostetler

    I ALWAYS knew you would be famous!! and I NEVER smoked crack!! lol


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