Analyzing a Room Well Done

Happy Friday, people!  Today I wanted to share with you this amazing living room I recently found on my friend Heather’s lovely design inspiration blog, Gathering Spriggs.  There are just so many things I love about this room.  I could literally take this room exactly as it is and love living in it.  And I RARELY feel that way about a room I didn’t create myself.  When you find a room you really like, you should analyze it so that you know why you do.  So let’s talk about why this room works.

Let’s start with the calculated mishmash of styles – bold but not at all overdone.   Just perfect, really.  See the mid-century mod lamp?  The delft-like wallpaper (or is it tile?) on the fireplace wall?  The glam touches of the crystal chandelier and gold accents?   The modern Saarinen side table and the contemporary high-pile area rug?  The unexpected glossy white paint on the wood floors? And the the traditional chesterfield sofa done up in this crazy patchwork is divine.

Notice all the circular repetition – the rug, the tables, the mirror, the wallpaper motif.   That’s something you might not notice right away, but the circles feel more comfortable – less formal than if you had rectangular/square tables and rug.

And speaking of comfort, can’t you imagine snuggling up on that crazy sofa with a great read?  I sure can.  The casually stacked books to the side of the sofa works on the subconscious in that regard – staged or not!   The softness under foot that the shaggy area rug offers also makes us feel more comfortable.  And the mod accent table and lamp tell us this room really doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should we!

OK, I probably would suggest beefing up those scrawny curtain rods.



  1. Dianne Tant

    you are the “Curtain Rod Nazi” ha…love the birds on the table too

  2. Heather

    wow. im shocked. in a good way. first of all, thank you for the mention and your kind words. secondly, i really wouldn’t have expected that you would like this room at all. (based on what I know of your home now) however, i do know that you have a really fun/bold personality so I can see it matches some of the bold touches, but I had no idea you could do patchwork sofas and shag rugs! that’s great! this is a fab-tab room in so many ways and i love your analyzation of it. it feels like you are using some of your psycho-analytic skills on a room. very provoking!
    thanks again!:)

  3. Chelle

    I did notice the circles. I love circles. Hmmmm…now I have to think how I can incorporate circles into one of my rooms.


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