Now Try This: Christmas Tree Clusters!

I wanted to do something really different for my Christmas decorating this year . . . 



I have slowly been removing red from my Christmas decor over the last few years – I’m definitely more of a pink kind of girl.  But I wanted to do something really different.  It was past time for a new tree, and I thought about buying a white flocked tree – but I found that they are super-expensive, especially a 9-foot one (which is what I needed). There was another idea I had been toying around with for about two years, and I decided this was the year to just take the plunge.  I planted a Christmas tree forest in front of my picture window:



I bought the following:  a 7.5 foot Virginia pine, a 7.5 foot slim Virginia pine, and a 6 foot Virginia pine to take the place of my previous 9 foot Douglas Fir.  The color of the Virginia pines are more variegated and the tips look kinda frosted. I used painter’s drop cloth to create the skirts for my Christmas forest.  I elevated one of the 7.5 foot trees on a small table – that was cheaper than buying a new 9 foot tree!

multiple christmas trees


One tree has mostly pink ornaments, another has mostly turquoise, and the largest one has mostly green and a bit of red (there are some special family ornaments that just don’t go with my color scheme).  I know that many of you decorate more than one Christmas tree, but have you ever clustered them like this?  It really is quite stunning!

christmas tree ideas



I’m going to show you around at a bit of the rest of my decor, then I’ll show you how my Christmas tree cluster looks all lit up.

christmas mantel ideas



turquoise christmas



I found this glittered turquoise deer at HomeGoods a couple of years ago, and he’s still one of my favorites!

glitter turquoise deer



I scored this collection of pink ceramic reindeer and Santa at an estate sale a few months ago.  LOVE.

christmas decorating ideas



Much of my Christmas decor is deer and bird-related.  Just in case you hadn’t noticed.

christmas decorating with birds



Here’s a close-up of one of my Virginia pines – see how it looks frosted, but without the mess of flocking?




I do have a small flocked table-top tree, but the white stuff sheds everywhere.  It’s so cute, so it’s worth it – but if it were bigger, I might get sick of the constant “snow” on my hardwood floor.

flocked christmas tree



Ok, now here’s my Christmas tree forest with all the lights on!  From this view in the mirror, it looks like there are even more trees.

candyland christmas trees



This is my favorite Christmas decorating yet – it’s like Candyland up in here, and I am loving it!

christmas tree cluster



pastel christmas decorating




decorologist christmas decorating

Christmas Tree Cluster 


Are you trying anything new and different in your Christmas decorating this year?  We’d love to hear what you’re doing!  And please check out the preview for my new Furniture Arrangement Advanced course, now available online. Learning all my tricks for arranging your furniture and decor may be just what you need for Christmas . . . 


  1. Shelby

    I love this look- it is truly a winter wonderland in your house!

  2. Judy

    This is lovely, Kristi! Thank you for sharing. And Merry Christmas!

  3. Michelle L.

    Fabulous, Kristie!

  4. jackie

    Your house looks beautiful! So many wonderful ideas to borrow! Thank you for sharing. Ps – Soooooo looking forward to my phone consult with you in January! I even dreamed about it the other night

  5. Beth Lester

    That is stunning, Kristie. Great idea. No, I’ve never seen anyone do that before. I’ll bet people just driving by stop to take a second look.

  6. Cindy

    Great idea. It works so well with the rest of your decor.

  7. Melissa Lester

    Stunning, Kristy! Love this look! I am a pink kinda girl, too, and love a softer touch in holiday decor. Beautiful job!

  8. Jil Sonia Interiors

    Well, now you’ve got me thinking Kristie. I’ve purchased a white flocked 7.5′ tree, a smaller turquoise tree, maybe I need a pink one to make it a tree-o – pardon the pun!

    • Kristie Barnett

      I wish I had thought of that, Jil (tree-o) 😉

  9. Krista P.

    Oh so pretty. You must have a lot of ornaments!

  10. Marilee

    Kristy, Everything is so lovely and so peaceful. Ahhhh…. Did you shop for your trees locally or online?

  11. Linda

    So pretty. I would totally do this if I had the space. Merry Christmas Kristie!

  12. Donna

    I love this. Your soft Christmas colors give the whole room a snowy wonderland feeling. So pretty! The drop cloth tree skirt is a great idea! I like your blue wreath on the front door, too. Is there a close-up of that on your site somewhere? Everything looks gorgeous!

  13. Jane

    I love the glowing reflection on your shiny floors, too! What a lovely idea!

  14. Jayme

    Simply breathtaking! It is so refreshing to think outside that box-that Christmas is more a feeling than a certain color or colors. I am with you! I have used a flocked tree in the past-very messy and not very healthy for my curious kitty who thought it was a great idea to chew on the branch-learned quickly that was NOT real snow last year!
    So this year, I opted for a white tree-with a range of aquas/blues and green decor (and a crafty tree topper project of a white top hat with lights. sprays in the same colors and a lovely dark aqua scarf)-inspired by a rug and Pier 1 curtains-although honestly these colors live in my house all year- and tempered by some chocolate, gray, and black and lots of other white accessories, it is the Christmas feeling I was going for!

    So congrats Kristi on a lovely, warm and somewhat non-traditional nod to the holidays! What is that song…”Express Yourself” and your home is the perfect place to do just that!

  15. Melissa Clark

    Your decor is absolutely amazing!!! I love it!!! But, your green paint needs to be changed to something more neutral to show off your gorgeous furnishings!!! That sofa rocks and it was hard to see its modern flair with the country green walls! Maybe edgecomb gray? Just an opinion! But in my minds eye it would make the room stunning!!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks for sharing your ideas, Melissa. This wall color is Prescott Green, and is like a hospital mint green from the 1940’s – which is perfect for my style and 1940’s home. Actually, after I painted this color, I removed a large masonry nail from the fireplace wall which exposed 15 layers of paint all the way down to the original color. Guess what it was? Dead-on to the current color! Anyway, Edgecomb Gray would certainly be a nice alternative if I wanted to go more neutral.

  16. Nancy

    Good grief Kristie, it’s just too pretty to be real! I keep coming back just to look! Just love how you did them in different colors, plus still allowed for the sentimental. And just love, love the different shapes. And it’s so funny how we’re all so different–my thought was the opposite of Melissa’s (though much of my house is gray Melissa)…I keep saying to myself, ‘sure wish I knew how to put blues and greens together for such a warm and inviting, and comforting!!, effect. Had my living room almost that color for years and it never looked like yours! lol I could curl up in your living room and sit a while for sure.

    Question: Space is an issue for a lot of us. Did you have to move some furniture out for the season or is that room always so wonderfully un-stuffed all the time. 🙂

    Keep making me smile girl. Somehow you’ve become a wonderful part of my healing. When the xxxx is over with, and things are better, I would love to have you come and help us make home ‘home’ again.

    Early Merry Christmas to you and yours. Nancy Stinson, White House, TN

    • Kristie Barnett

      Oh Nancy, you are too sweet! YES, I had to move out a large entry table to give myself space for this. I always have to store it in my husband’s shop for 6 weeks every Christmas, which he isn’t always thrilled about – but how else can you make room for a Christmas tree? I hope things continue to improve for you, Nancy – your kind words come at a moment where I am feeling pretty down myself. It makes me happy to think that what I am sharing on the blog might be helping someone or lifting your spirits. xoxo and Merry Christmas!

  17. Suzi

    I love the clustered trees! Feels like an enchanted forest in your home. That pink tree is very cool too. Bet you grabbed those pink porcelain reindeer and sleigh quickly…i would have.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Awesome, Lesa – really pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Paula Van Hoogen

    Lovely!…..Just need one more picture—the trees lit up at night! 🙂
    And maybe one from outdoors…..

  19. Nancy

    Kristie, sending this to cheer you…I wrote it a couple (a few??) months back in response to one of your posts. I didn’t send it because writing is one of a world of other things I lost when it all went so wrong. I could not make it say just what I wanted to. I am so seriously off my ‘game’ with my words but hey, it doesn’t all have to be so perfect does it? More important to say how much we care. That’s a good message to let soak into my heart today. Post it if you want or tuck it in your drawer for cloudy times…it’s up to you. 🙂 xoxo back to you and keep making the world a prettier place!

    And hey, I’m with Paula…would love to see the trees lit up…and from outside. 🙂

    She has a way…

    She has a way of seeing what could be-
    How color and surroundings can reflect the life within.
    To some, this may seem a simple thing-
    But there is so much more at work here than the human eye can see.

    A home is so much more than what the surface tells-
    It’s so much more than pretty windows, walls, and floors.
    The true story of a home starts with the life that it’s meant for,
    And this is what she sees so very well.
    You see, a pretty door is just a door or it can be a thing of grace-
    Just imagine it greeting you after a long and tiring day,
    Or think of the knob finally turning on a dark and stormy night
    As you finally see your loved one’s precious face.
    Or think of a color-filled room made just for play,
    With windows bright and joyfulness everywhere.
    Then imagine that same room without the child that it’s meant for-
    It seems the heart just doesn’t see it the same way.
    The beauty of a door or the placement of a thing
    Means little without the meaning of it all…
    That inner understanding turns an art into a gift,
    And I believe it’s such a gift that she brings…

    She has a way of seeing what could be-
    She makes color and surroundings reflect the life within.
    To some this may seems a simple thing-
    But there is so much more at work here than the human eye can see…

    Nancy Stinson, White House, TN 2013 for Kristie Barnett

  20. Kelly

    You home looks so pretty Kristie! I envy you all decorated so nice already. Love the tree cluster idea- so unique!


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