How to Perfectly Arrange Every Room!

Over the last decade I’ve staged, decorated, and designed hundreds and hundreds of rooms.  I’ve even developed a specific system for arranging furniture, art, and accessories that works in even the most difficult of spaces.

furniture arranging

Just the Right Furniture Arrangement Advanced Course


Earlier this year, I created a workshop that focused on teaching homeowners and others in the design field how to use my system to solve their decorating dilemmas and shared it at Merridian Home Furnishings here in Nashville.  

the decorologist kristie barnett

Just the Right Furniture Arrangement Advanced Course


I taught the attendees how to use my system for arranging any room of the house using real-life examples, before-and-after photographs, furniture floorplans, and step-by-step illustrations.

choosing fabrics

how to mix and match fabrics 


I’m excited to announce that I am now offering my Just the Right Furniture Arrangement Advanced Course on video!  The almost two-hour video is jam-packed with everything you need to know to transform your home – whether you are working with what you have or looking to incorporate new furnishings and accessories into your space.

decorating class workshop

 Just the Right Furniture Arrangement Advanced Course


In this advanced course, I share exclusive information and design secrets that you will not find on the blog. As much as I love doing interior design, my passion has always been teaching others how to make their homes more beautiful, and that’s what I do in this special decorating class for DIYers and design professionals alike.  And now you can watch it at your own pace on your computer, Ipad, or any mobile device.


Ready to get started?  
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  1. Beth Lester

    I ordered your videos, Kristie, and I can’t wait to go through them. I am very similar to you in that I LOVE teaching my clients. Difficult floorplans is also something I enjoy tackling, but I know there’s always more to learn. Thank you for your work!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you, Beth! Will you be attending the January RESA conference in Las Vegas? I’d love to meet you – I’ll be presenting there.

  2. Patrick @ OPTV

    This is great stuff. Love the way you presented staging and arrangements here. Great post!

  3. Hilary Collins

    HI Kristie,

    I so enjoy the emails I get from you. Thank you for the hours of pleasure and relaxation I get from reading them. I envy the folks who attended this class. Wish I could have been there. One tip from someone who has been there: invest in a laser pointer. They are reasonably priced, and very transportable.

    Best regards to you!

  4. Rory Vanlandingham

    The furniture arranging videos were Great! You actually addressed one of my problems in a bedroom where there is only one window on the side and not centered. Putting a mirror on the other side above a nightstand is a good way to balance the room, but what about with curtains? I was thinking of using one panel to the right of the window (which is on the right side of the bed) and then putting another single panel to the left of the mirror. Would that look wonky? I really want window treatments.
    I have another tricky room that I may have to send a diagram or pic of to add to your list. Thanks for offering these videos!

  5. Wendy

    My boyfriend & I just moved in to a new apartment. The problem is we have a lot of furniture, nice large furniture. A lot has gone in storage but our living room is small, with a large but pretty fireplace on one of tthe only 2 main walls to put furniture. The other wall has to be used by the large armoire for the tv. Then there are french doors taking up the third wall o go outside. The problem is my boyfriend wants 2 couches in there, 1for each of us to lay on & watch tv. One of the couches is very large but would go great with theroom if it was the only one but my boyfriend insists on having one of his leather couches in there as well. So the setup looks like this, if you can imagine. Standing facing the room the french doors to outside are directly in front of you. To the left on the main wall is the fireplace which takes up pretty muchthe wwhole wall and another window right nextto it. Look rright and there’sthe other main wall where a couch would normally go but instead we have to use it for the armoire to hhold thetv. My couch, the biggest and nicest one is right in front of the french doors so you ccan’t even get out the doors to the porch. Coffee table in front of couch and leather couch facing the french doors and other couch so both couches face each otherwwithccoffee table between them. Oh, and there’s a couple decorativechairs in the corners. It is WAY too much and I hate not beingable to go on the porch tthrough the french doors. I don’t know why they put the fireplace where they did. And the armoire and tv have to go on the other wall bc that’s where the cable outlet is. Can you please give me some suggestions on how to fix this? He wants both couches butttheyare both jjustway too big for the room andthe one couch completely blocks tthe french doors. HE won’tlisten rto me. Please please helpme with this. My bedroom is aanother story. I get bruiseseevery time I walk to my bed bc its such a tight squeeze with my bedroom furniture in a small room but if I could just get the living room fixed then I could deal with my bedroom. Anything you can do to help or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for listening to me ramble.


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